Tuesday, February 9, 2010


There are those who want
Then those that don't
those who front
While the others won't
Play their hands dealt
Gambling with what is felt
Gaining for obtaining a belt
To a division of elevated wealth
Relegated to where rocks melt
The divine comedy
Lying to the young saying
You could be whatever you want to be
As long as it makes me
All the money
And all the scraps you earn
Its mine for the return
So housing food and clothes
Got a price that makes my pockets grows
This is everywhere you goes
Till you net nada
Even in death you are in debt
How else am I to control?
Oh! I go for the gold!
And put a price on your soul
You realize its been sold
To the highest bidder
Religion and greed
Fighting to be the winner
And all that will glitter
Is marketed beyond belief
promises of relief
to continue with your self