Friday, June 4, 2010

Is Hector Lavoe THE Greatest Salsero????

I ask this because I was just reintroduced to his music and was blown away. His voice, lyrics, delivery, and story are unmatched. He has such clarity, pain in his voice and unique melody that no one has been able to sound as good as him since his passing. Only person that comes to mind is Marc Anthony and they have plenty of similarities (peace to all the puntos that bless him with that good stuff). I grew up on his music and although I dig Ismael Rivera's music (an amazing artist and great personal story. I even dated his you Orquidea), I don't see anyone having all the talents and make music as good as he does. Do you think there is anyone that you think comes close or is better?

Great Flicks...

I highly recommend you watch these films. Yes, there is a connection to all of these films.

Dirty Pretty Things

It's in The UK, has the immigrant class doing interesting things for citizenship, and a few cons.


This could have been easily been a play. It is a breakdown of relationships and the breakdown of them. All while The Transporter (great actor, Jason Statham) and the other guy get their freeze on doing more coke than you really should (say no kids). Great turns in this film.


I just saw this film a few minutes ago and it changed the way I think. No exaggeration, this movie makes you question your own existence. Each character represents a part of a personality and it's all tied in with Chess and Cons. It is truly a beautiful movie for it's layers and turns. I highly recommend it.


1994 Exoticness... Young guy abandoned by his parents is a runner for the Heroin and Crack Dealers. He is beyond his years in maturity and at one point decides that the negativity is too much for him to allow it to continue. What he puts together is amazing given his age and position. Lots of great chess and views of the position people play in this game.


Goodness... SEE THIS MOVIE! Great script, movement, actors, original concept, cons, etc. etc.

Monday, May 31, 2010

What a Woman Wants...

She wants to feel appreciated and needed, a warm smile and for you to do things that make her smile, to conveniently not listen when she says she wants to be left alone and be there for her, a massage when she did not ask for it but needs it. She wants respect, honesty, to be able to talk openly, great sex, attention, exclusiveness, breakfast in bed, to disagree with her when she is being hard on herself, support, to be encouraged even though she may be end up better than you at something. She wants a best friend. She wants a Man. She wants to be treated as a Lady...

Don Carnage. The Best Bad Guy In Life...

This dude is just awesome! Definitely one of the best bad guys ever. He had a crazy pirate crew, all the airships, big cannons, a pistol, an accent, and fashion sense. It is a shame that he never truly won but hey, he was going against Baloo and Kitt Cloudkicker and they were some cool animals. Don't even let me get started on Sheer Kahn. Come to think of it, TaleSpin was the best cartoon series next to Duck Tales. So I would like to salute my fellow latino Don Carnage for being a great bad guy.

Boondocks New Episode...

This messed my original plan all up. I fully intended on getting up and going straight to the gym. Once I came across this in, made me stuck to my laptop. This satisfies my need for Kung-Fu and Cartoons in the morning. Really had me laughing out loud so enjoy!

I Am So Mad I Missed This

Mr. Brainwash from Creative Control on Vimeo.

I have always had an eye for art but for the last few years I have really been digging this form of street art. It has a message along with great visuals that add to and sometimes ends up being the message. I highly encourage everyone support this film. It will open your eyes to many things along with being highly entertaining.