Thursday, May 6, 2010

My soul is growing restless

how could I let it get to this?

seems the more learned lessons

my common sense lessens

full of false starts

and second guessins

when answer is in progressing

easier spoken then acted, I know this

its not the lack of focus

but it's the fear of being brokest

that keeps me in an endless reminisce

I recollect being without many a meal

some wounds never truly heal

that is the why I grind with such a zeal

the hunger pains are far too real

slipping back to that keeps me up at night

promised not go without a fight

is the reason why I forgot how to feel

didn't reinvent the wheel

but I reshaped the art of how to deal

but the cycle repeats itself in this reel

true life cinematics

impressed by actors antics

and actresses tactics

rubbing to close causing such static

ignite fires that can burn your mattress

bad sleep lack of support got me with a bad back

get it? it's friends I lack

and funny enough I got plenty a stack

for that I've had a knack

slipping towards a path of greed

confusing wants with need

neglecting anything without speed

too many females that ride me as a steed

leave me as not a proper example to lead

made the mother of my kids abort my 3rd born

said she would not replicate me a demon seed

that was to be my son

a resurrection of all that I do and have done

would have got us closer to our day in the sun

taking us from being amongst many

to being the one...

... now I'm done.