Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is There Something Wrong...?

...Why did you delete your Facebook Account? No, nothing is wrong. Everything is right. This is a common question asked once one deletes any social networking site page. Most people treat it as what's wrong instead of there must be a good reason.
I cannot speak for most but I can only write about my reason. Mine are very simple. I saw a magazine cover on Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg a year or two ago and saw that they recognized him as sitting on a potential gold mine. He has everyone's info including likes and dislikes. Why this is so important is because he has what advertisers and companies want. The truth about demographics. This is how they cater products and advertisement to people. He has all this info, for FREE! He spent 0 dollars in getting what certain age groups do and like. He was holding on to it because as many people wanting it, he was not selling. He took a gamble and won.

How does this relate to you and I? Well, I personally don't like the fact that all this info is being kept for profit when all I want to do is keep in contact with family and friends that I know and getting to know new ones. I also did not appreciate the fact that my kid's pictures can be viewed and ever worse saved with just a click of the mouse. I like my privacy and I enjoy being social but where does one draw the line. Even when one "deletes" their account, you can log back in and everything is as if you never deleted it. The obvious issue to this is they keep everything! Nothing is truly deleted and what I consider to be somewhat private is part of their info that they will sell.

Another good reason for me is hard to write because I do not want to offen anyone but, do we really have to know SOO much about your life? I have seen more senseless updates that I truly don't believe the authors believe how dumb it makes them look. It also gives people a false impression. It makes it seem that you are a loose alcoholic that does not take care of their kids if you always speak on bar this, drinking that, hungover whatever. You have a family and probably are a great parent and outstanding individual but if all you promote is acting a fool with pictures to serve as proof, how are people going to look at you? I also do not nor did I ever really promote where I was, what I was doing or who I was doing it with. Some things are to be shared and others to be private. I don't do this because don't be surprised that you run into people that you were not expecting.

Well, that's my view on it. Peace...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A cocky somebody, like Kanye West
A motherf%cker but not Delonte West
prefer them NaTuRals to that fake mess
never messed with white even though
their head game is the best
slippin on snifiin
got you drop weight
quickly like fifty
future lil iffy
bad enough I got 8 of em missy
They all got a habit
got to have it
ironic like my chick
with fake tits
talking bout going organic
paper not plastic
get em too much time in the sun and...
it's tragic
uh oh
on the low
these dudes to slow
even when standing still
I leave a blur, GO!
got it lock
XD 40
not the glock
the streets love me
and never pumped rock
see similarity Jamaican
more ways then one
so hold me? that's dumb
got the riot ready for takin
my cloudcicks got them cakin
and me away ain't making none
sense since lock a man perserve his mind
with this grind his hers and mine
line for line
I am already doing time
tormented by signs
of what it is to be and it ain't fine
the world deals with threes
Egyptians, Mayans, now we's
next to feel extreme breeze
and quakes that shake to relocate
when tectonic plates start to grate and
flip it in one take