Monday, May 30, 2011


As he stands were he stood solo
However many odd years ago
Understood as someone
We all very well know
Not by his actions
But from the way his words flow
Talking he can't stop
Confused by why he can't go
And with nothing to show
He enters himself and wonders, why?
I want it so bad and no one ever gives me a try
For this I will cheat, steal and lie,
Next to me younger self
And my ability to fly
All resting in the same place
Along with the space
Reserved for his trophy case
Of awards soon to be
Once raised in victory
Received from _____ academy
And recognition
On his rendition
Of Inner vision
Without permission
Replay of other's transmission
For he, was not much use to create
Only to bit and piece duplicate
Greatest form of flattery IS to imitate...
Where in there he seals his fate
The reality of this tragic tale
Is walking along this boulevard of broken dreams and inner fail
Opposite of Mark Twain's verse to set sail,
Where the anchor is set deep in waters stale
Ahab chasing the whale
From his spyglass
Bringing it closer to see without moving mass
Just by a look confused it and mistook
As Success at last
But alas
Lengthy collections no question did he amass
Truth of a consumer wrapped in fantastic reality
Created by imagination of others fantasy
Worked into actuality
Through hard work and perseverance
Eyes too blurry lacking clearance
For in his reflection saw their appearance
Along with his identity's disappearance...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pilot Talk 2>>>>>_______

It's official. Curren$y finally put out an LP that matches his signs of brilliance that he displayed through his mixtape songs. The guy is a talent, no question. Spitta has been known to hop on other's tracks (like 50 did) and make it his own. He got himself some great music this time around to go along with his raps about Jet life, bad b%tches, and bong snaps. Production is on point and this is the ONLY album that I have been able to listen to from start to finish without any skipping of tracks. Simply put, a solid front to back product. I am glad that music is getting good again...

I included the downloadable link. Go out and buy it if you like it. Support Great Music!!!!!!!!! Nov 22nd release date

Friday, November 5, 2010

Amor en el Tiempo de Recesion (Love in the Time of Recession)

Divorce rates are at an all time high at more than 50%. Unemployment rate is now at 9.2% nationwide. In the District Area marriage rates are at 28% for men and 23% for women. Welcome to my world, OUR reality. Seems very dark and hopeless right? Is it any wonder why people are searching for something, anything to complete them. To make them happy? Enter the world of dating. Who doesn't want to be with someone during this time. To support you in all ways and give you what you are lacking. So why has it been such a challenge? Especially for my generation why is it so hard to find or stay in love?

HI! I'm a 30 year old Hispanic male. I was a product of a broken home and was raised by a single mother that was always at work (public assistance wasn't an option although would have been used for the right reasons), so I raised myself due to necessity and my resources. I did not learn how to be a man from my father but rather learning from books, personal trial and error, friends, and friend's fathers. I had to sustain myself financially and other wise at an early age. So cooking, cleaning, finances, and all other things are done by me with the need for no one. So I don't need a woman for anything else then for sex and companionship. I don't mean to be crude but this is the truth of the matter. Oh!! I forgot to mention that I am a father of two great daughters. Welcome to your typical male of this brave new era. Now what is happening is that there are plenty of women in that in this position as well. Does any of this sound familiar or hit home? The reason is because this is the reality for many in a city environment. What does this all mean?????

That we are not dependant on anyone. The only thing that we can't really provide for ourselves is sex and companionship. Enter another cute numerical fact. S.T.D.s are at an alarming high. In this area at least 5 to 6% of the people who are sexually active have HIV or AIDS. Yes! YIKES indeed. You are more likely to get this completely avoidable disease here than in West Africa. Why are we at such high risk. It's a combination of things. It has to do with people just needing that feeling of intimacy and relieving those most inner animal desires. Not practicing safe sex and multiple partners have greatly increased the amount of people infected. It all boils down to singles and committed folk can't keep it in their pants. Which translates to...

Unfaithful people. The amount of women and men cheating is extremely high. I myself seem to get more interest from married women than single at times. Sad but true. This beautiful thing called social networks and just being in a public environment that has people mingling leads to a feeding frenzy. Here is the simple breakdown of the problem and the solution.

No respectable or true man would be in a real relationship with a woman with high mileage. How does that saying go? That's right, "You can't turn a hoe into a housewife.". So women, please know that you are the backbone of our families and society. You are the mother and wife to us men and we need you at your best. Respect yourselves as the queens that you are and stop trying to F*ck anyone like me cause we have a pulse. Men, stop messing with these women that aren't of quality and lying to them in general. WE SHOULD BOTH AS MEN AND WOMEN HAVE RESPECT FOR OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER. We should learn to TRUST each other and ourselves. If we do these things and not get caught up by these low individuals, we can teach the uncivilized through example of prosperity happiness. We owe it to ourselves and each other. Peace...


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Double Vision

truth lies
behind eyes
shut wide
turning inward to hide
it's written all over and plain to see
so much pain caused by an effort to break free
past of what's been done stain her memory
won't let her progress
flashbacks prevent deep rest
full of regret
hungry for completion's nourishment
and her comes I
and in me she confides
the cause for smiles and cries
her lows and highs
and with this we rise
above and beyond
remembrance of right and wrong
getting lost in oblivion
her and I make one
lying still after done
and enjoying ecstasy
through sharing intimacy
somewhere in between momentary and infinity
exist her and I making a we
where time is not permitted to enter
a place where the past can find no shelter
that can only be called perfection's center
relief after release
she's finally at peace
within my arms reach
swirl her curls with each hand twirl and incense swirls
in complete silence warmed by our body's heat
entranced by the rhythm of her heart beat
falling into deep sleep

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Read Between the Lines... Vol.1

WEED IS BECOMING LEGAL!!!!! Now that I have your attention, yes, Marijuana will become legal within a short time frame. You might be asking yourself why I believe this info to be true. I look at what has happened within the last week. There were two "drug busts" that caught my full attention. One occurred in NY and the other in Mexico. For sake of attention spans, I have decided to include the links for more detailed information below.

^They busted an NY "Drug Ring" for having a million in cash and 177lbs of the sweet cheeba. Most notable is that they claim the were proving most of NY for the sticky icky icky

^ They seized tons of the finest of greenery here. They are killing two birds with one stone considering Mexico has been making much bank from drug trades in the U.S.

What does this REALLY mean? THEY ARE CUTTING OUT THE COMPETITION! When they could have made busts like this over heroin or cocaine (some of the most deadliest drugs), they chose to bust weed. ON WEEEEEEDD!!!! They have been sitting on these cases for quite some time before busting them (watch the wire if you are unfamiliar). Weed is not addictive and for the hundreds of years that it's been in use NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM SMOKING WEED! There is no such thing as a weed overdose that takes your life. Look at how many people die from alcohol, tobacco, or even overdosing from over the counter meds. Now let's be clear as to why this is happening. $! Yup, the almighty $.

Look at California. It went from weed being illegal to Amsterdam in a few short years. They legalized it for "medicinal purposes" and everyone suddenly developed a symptom that marijuana "medicine"could help. The state could care less. They are making TONS of money from taxing it and no one is getting hurt. The beauty of it is that EVERYONE is eating from this. The growers to the people who are running the shops are banking and the right way. Good old supply and demand. They even went as far as to make marijuana in certain amounts an offense equivalent to a traffic ticket. All they are worried about is money so, you could always trust a whore to think like a whore. They just their money for f%cking you.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just a Moment...

Everytime I hear this song it puts me into that zone. I have experienced some early losses to people I was very close to all the way to those I only knew for a brief time. I have had the privilege to meet many beautiful souls that are no longer with us. I don't fear death so that's why I never get too sad for them who have passed. I feel for their families that deal with that void of them no longer there for them for the good times and bad. I always understood it as they are in a better place and we are all promised the same fate as them so we shall all see each other soon enough. Peace to our way of life...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Going higher then I though ill ever become
Got me remembering story of Icarus getting too close to the sun
Burning my wings, me and the waves become one
But not all the way done
Just going with the flow
Neither fast or slow
If I go too deep I will miss the orb's glow
Do you know what I know?
The highs and low
Happen to be the same so
Don't hold your breath
To reach the bottom go
Above and beyond
Familiarity, family,
Actuality, reality
Insanity, clarity,
Her, we, she, and me,
Only thing left = energy
Its us and only us
Cloudkicks sponsored by Canibus
If you don't choke on the smoke
Meditate to feel the rush
The same when you cum
So hard can't help but to cuss
Its that feeling with no thought
Pure emotion traveling higher than Icarus