Friday, November 5, 2010

Amor en el Tiempo de Recesion (Love in the Time of Recession)

Divorce rates are at an all time high at more than 50%. Unemployment rate is now at 9.2% nationwide. In the District Area marriage rates are at 28% for men and 23% for women. Welcome to my world, OUR reality. Seems very dark and hopeless right? Is it any wonder why people are searching for something, anything to complete them. To make them happy? Enter the world of dating. Who doesn't want to be with someone during this time. To support you in all ways and give you what you are lacking. So why has it been such a challenge? Especially for my generation why is it so hard to find or stay in love?

HI! I'm a 30 year old Hispanic male. I was a product of a broken home and was raised by a single mother that was always at work (public assistance wasn't an option although would have been used for the right reasons), so I raised myself due to necessity and my resources. I did not learn how to be a man from my father but rather learning from books, personal trial and error, friends, and friend's fathers. I had to sustain myself financially and other wise at an early age. So cooking, cleaning, finances, and all other things are done by me with the need for no one. So I don't need a woman for anything else then for sex and companionship. I don't mean to be crude but this is the truth of the matter. Oh!! I forgot to mention that I am a father of two great daughters. Welcome to your typical male of this brave new era. Now what is happening is that there are plenty of women in that in this position as well. Does any of this sound familiar or hit home? The reason is because this is the reality for many in a city environment. What does this all mean?????

That we are not dependant on anyone. The only thing that we can't really provide for ourselves is sex and companionship. Enter another cute numerical fact. S.T.D.s are at an alarming high. In this area at least 5 to 6% of the people who are sexually active have HIV or AIDS. Yes! YIKES indeed. You are more likely to get this completely avoidable disease here than in West Africa. Why are we at such high risk. It's a combination of things. It has to do with people just needing that feeling of intimacy and relieving those most inner animal desires. Not practicing safe sex and multiple partners have greatly increased the amount of people infected. It all boils down to singles and committed folk can't keep it in their pants. Which translates to...

Unfaithful people. The amount of women and men cheating is extremely high. I myself seem to get more interest from married women than single at times. Sad but true. This beautiful thing called social networks and just being in a public environment that has people mingling leads to a feeding frenzy. Here is the simple breakdown of the problem and the solution.

No respectable or true man would be in a real relationship with a woman with high mileage. How does that saying go? That's right, "You can't turn a hoe into a housewife.". So women, please know that you are the backbone of our families and society. You are the mother and wife to us men and we need you at your best. Respect yourselves as the queens that you are and stop trying to F*ck anyone like me cause we have a pulse. Men, stop messing with these women that aren't of quality and lying to them in general. WE SHOULD BOTH AS MEN AND WOMEN HAVE RESPECT FOR OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER. We should learn to TRUST each other and ourselves. If we do these things and not get caught up by these low individuals, we can teach the uncivilized through example of prosperity happiness. We owe it to ourselves and each other. Peace...