Thursday, October 14, 2010


Going higher then I though ill ever become
Got me remembering story of Icarus getting too close to the sun
Burning my wings, me and the waves become one
But not all the way done
Just going with the flow
Neither fast or slow
If I go too deep I will miss the orb's glow
Do you know what I know?
The highs and low
Happen to be the same so
Don't hold your breath
To reach the bottom go
Above and beyond
Familiarity, family,
Actuality, reality
Insanity, clarity,
Her, we, she, and me,
Only thing left = energy
Its us and only us
Cloudkicks sponsored by Canibus
If you don't choke on the smoke
Meditate to feel the rush
The same when you cum
So hard can't help but to cuss
Its that feeling with no thought
Pure emotion traveling higher than Icarus

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's All About the Angles... Where and How To Get Someone of Quality.

HI! It's me again. How have you been? Me? I'm fine, being cool. You don't want to know all that do you? You are just being nice just so you can find out how to find someone of quality. What's wrong? Those dating websites keep on giving you rejects and crazies? Are the bars giving you low quality people with "miles'? Why are you surprised? Consider the source. Why do you think you will find a faithful, serious, person of quality in a place like a bar or club? That's where people in a relationship go and find people so they can cheat. You should know that by now. How many people of TRUE quality have you met from there? Don't worry, I'll wait. Now wipe those tears away, I got you covered with another dosage of the truth mixed in with some comedy. Isn't that what life is about anyway? Since it's hot in the streets I have made up a list. Not just any list though, I have included bonuses including level of difficulty and prep work to ensure your success all for, FREE! So without further ado, allow me to put you on. Here is where to find people of QUALITY along with some tips to attract that person to you.

Location : Bookstore. Degree of Difficulty : Medium. Prep - You MUST be literate, (at the very least for obvious reasons). Dress should be casual but smart. Throw some glasses in there while you are at it, makes you look smarter. Best Times : Sat.- Sun 1-5 p.m.

You might be asking, the bookstore? YES! The bookstore. If you were not aware since the last book you read was "The Little Engine That Could", bookstores are where it's at. The have every type of book there not just the kind with pictures. You will find someone of quality because at the least they are intelligent and are looking to expand. Self improvement is SEXY!!!! The way you pick someone up is the old fashion way, through something in common. Hang around looking at subjects that you find interesting and are genuinely excited about. You see someone you like in the section and there is that EYE CONTACT, go for it!!! Offer her a cup of coffee, it is literally 5 steps from where you are inside the store. Make conversation and get to know one another naturally. Just make sure to invite me to the wedding :)

What To Avoid : Don't go with your computer and be all creepy near the coffee spot in the store while you sip on the same drink for 2 hours while you hunt. Don't be that person.

Location : Grocery Store. Degree of Difficulty : Medium. Prep - An appetite. Basic knowledge of cooking. Dress should be business or business casual. Best Times : Tues-Thurs. 3:30-7 p.m. (after work)

I know what you are thinking, Grocery Store, boring... Let me tell you something. What is more exciting then finding someone that takes proper care of themselves and knows how to cook? Now that I have your attention, grocery stores are excellent places to find someone of quality. Now you usually see people in a rush and not really wanting to be around that many people. It makes people uncomfortable and less likely to have casual interaction as opposed to a bar where there is already social lubricants (alcohol). This is where it takes skill. It starts with eye contact. Once they have checked you out like the fine piece of meat that you are, smile back at them (a wink for the skilled). Once there is an equal reaction, just smile and introduce yourself. Make casual small talk and be nice. Help each other choose ingredients. This is an excellent chance for the set up. If you were smart, you would have some ingredients in your cart for a special recipe. You tell that person that the reason for you being there was to make a special dish that you are famous for that a dead grandmother gave you. You gain so many cool points that it's not funny! Here is where you win, please recite this word for word WITHOUT any variation and with a sincere face. " I would invite you to taste it but since we do not know each other properly yet, I don't think it would be right at this time". Then pause for effect... See what you did there was invite the person to get to know each other at a good pace with a promise of a reward while being realistic over their own paranoia. It is an all around win and you are doing you and them a favor.

What To Avoid : Anyone that has a bunch of ready made food such as heat and serves and just add water, they are the opposite of what you are looking for. Also avoid anyone with too many sweets or junk. Let's not forget to be mindful of anyone that has more alcohol (wine, wine coolers, beer) then actual food. Also lookout for a product called Monistat 7 (for the females), run don't walk away.

Location : Gym. Degree of Difficulty : High. Prep - Being in somewhat good shape (round does not count).Cinnamon Gum. A Shower before working out. Dress should be athletic gear without too many logos or loud colors. Some accessories can be an MP3 player Best Times : Mon-Sat 5-9 p.m.

Here is where you will find someone of quality and could probably whoop your butt. That's sexy. Someone who cares for their physical well being cares for others and has less stress while having their eye on the bigger picture. Please do not be intimidated, it is extremely difficult to stand out amongst the others that are gawking at that body in very form fitting clothes as they bounce up and down and up and down and are getting all hot and sweaty... wooo, getting excited just thinking about it! This is what you do, go about your workout as usual. Go to the Cardio Section (treadmills, elliptical, stair masters, bikes). Eye contact, then smile. If they smile back, then go away to another section without looking back. Again, this is for you to stand out and not be like the rest of the pervs. If they end up being in the same place you are in and using any of the machines or weights, get close to them and say "you have great form" with a big smile and that cinnamon gum in your mouth. Watch how they are hit by cupids arrow when they look at you. Ask for their name while you give them yours and ask if you could spot them. ***Now as an extra tip cause I love you, go there on a Friday between the hours of 7 p.m. to close. If you meet a person of quality during this magical time, you need to marry them. They were there getting their body right and relieving stress after a long day. They were doing something healthy instead of them going on another worthless date or hanging out with their looser "friends" at the bars and clubs while they drown their sorrows with that Firewater.

What To Avoid : Clothes that are too tight, going above your means (lifting weights that you very know you can't, or running faster than you should. The end result is always funny and not towards your benefit.) Also, be careful with the married ones. People tend not to work out with their wedding rings or bands. Just look for that circle tan on the ring finger.

I hope this helps and you have enjoyed the journey. If you find a person doing all three...???? You are truly on to someone of top quality! Treat them right because they deserve the best!!!!