Friday, November 19, 2010

Pilot Talk 2>>>>>_______

It's official. Curren$y finally put out an LP that matches his signs of brilliance that he displayed through his mixtape songs. The guy is a talent, no question. Spitta has been known to hop on other's tracks (like 50 did) and make it his own. He got himself some great music this time around to go along with his raps about Jet life, bad b%tches, and bong snaps. Production is on point and this is the ONLY album that I have been able to listen to from start to finish without any skipping of tracks. Simply put, a solid front to back product. I am glad that music is getting good again...

I included the downloadable link. Go out and buy it if you like it. Support Great Music!!!!!!!!! Nov 22nd release date

Friday, November 5, 2010

Amor en el Tiempo de Recesion (Love in the Time of Recession)

Divorce rates are at an all time high at more than 50%. Unemployment rate is now at 9.2% nationwide. In the District Area marriage rates are at 28% for men and 23% for women. Welcome to my world, OUR reality. Seems very dark and hopeless right? Is it any wonder why people are searching for something, anything to complete them. To make them happy? Enter the world of dating. Who doesn't want to be with someone during this time. To support you in all ways and give you what you are lacking. So why has it been such a challenge? Especially for my generation why is it so hard to find or stay in love?

HI! I'm a 30 year old Hispanic male. I was a product of a broken home and was raised by a single mother that was always at work (public assistance wasn't an option although would have been used for the right reasons), so I raised myself due to necessity and my resources. I did not learn how to be a man from my father but rather learning from books, personal trial and error, friends, and friend's fathers. I had to sustain myself financially and other wise at an early age. So cooking, cleaning, finances, and all other things are done by me with the need for no one. So I don't need a woman for anything else then for sex and companionship. I don't mean to be crude but this is the truth of the matter. Oh!! I forgot to mention that I am a father of two great daughters. Welcome to your typical male of this brave new era. Now what is happening is that there are plenty of women in that in this position as well. Does any of this sound familiar or hit home? The reason is because this is the reality for many in a city environment. What does this all mean?????

That we are not dependant on anyone. The only thing that we can't really provide for ourselves is sex and companionship. Enter another cute numerical fact. S.T.D.s are at an alarming high. In this area at least 5 to 6% of the people who are sexually active have HIV or AIDS. Yes! YIKES indeed. You are more likely to get this completely avoidable disease here than in West Africa. Why are we at such high risk. It's a combination of things. It has to do with people just needing that feeling of intimacy and relieving those most inner animal desires. Not practicing safe sex and multiple partners have greatly increased the amount of people infected. It all boils down to singles and committed folk can't keep it in their pants. Which translates to...

Unfaithful people. The amount of women and men cheating is extremely high. I myself seem to get more interest from married women than single at times. Sad but true. This beautiful thing called social networks and just being in a public environment that has people mingling leads to a feeding frenzy. Here is the simple breakdown of the problem and the solution.

No respectable or true man would be in a real relationship with a woman with high mileage. How does that saying go? That's right, "You can't turn a hoe into a housewife.". So women, please know that you are the backbone of our families and society. You are the mother and wife to us men and we need you at your best. Respect yourselves as the queens that you are and stop trying to F*ck anyone like me cause we have a pulse. Men, stop messing with these women that aren't of quality and lying to them in general. WE SHOULD BOTH AS MEN AND WOMEN HAVE RESPECT FOR OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER. We should learn to TRUST each other and ourselves. If we do these things and not get caught up by these low individuals, we can teach the uncivilized through example of prosperity happiness. We owe it to ourselves and each other. Peace...


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Double Vision

truth lies
behind eyes
shut wide
turning inward to hide
it's written all over and plain to see
so much pain caused by an effort to break free
past of what's been done stain her memory
won't let her progress
flashbacks prevent deep rest
full of regret
hungry for completion's nourishment
and her comes I
and in me she confides
the cause for smiles and cries
her lows and highs
and with this we rise
above and beyond
remembrance of right and wrong
getting lost in oblivion
her and I make one
lying still after done
and enjoying ecstasy
through sharing intimacy
somewhere in between momentary and infinity
exist her and I making a we
where time is not permitted to enter
a place where the past can find no shelter
that can only be called perfection's center
relief after release
she's finally at peace
within my arms reach
swirl her curls with each hand twirl and incense swirls
in complete silence warmed by our body's heat
entranced by the rhythm of her heart beat
falling into deep sleep

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Read Between the Lines... Vol.1

WEED IS BECOMING LEGAL!!!!! Now that I have your attention, yes, Marijuana will become legal within a short time frame. You might be asking yourself why I believe this info to be true. I look at what has happened within the last week. There were two "drug busts" that caught my full attention. One occurred in NY and the other in Mexico. For sake of attention spans, I have decided to include the links for more detailed information below.

^They busted an NY "Drug Ring" for having a million in cash and 177lbs of the sweet cheeba. Most notable is that they claim the were proving most of NY for the sticky icky icky

^ They seized tons of the finest of greenery here. They are killing two birds with one stone considering Mexico has been making much bank from drug trades in the U.S.

What does this REALLY mean? THEY ARE CUTTING OUT THE COMPETITION! When they could have made busts like this over heroin or cocaine (some of the most deadliest drugs), they chose to bust weed. ON WEEEEEEDD!!!! They have been sitting on these cases for quite some time before busting them (watch the wire if you are unfamiliar). Weed is not addictive and for the hundreds of years that it's been in use NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM SMOKING WEED! There is no such thing as a weed overdose that takes your life. Look at how many people die from alcohol, tobacco, or even overdosing from over the counter meds. Now let's be clear as to why this is happening. $! Yup, the almighty $.

Look at California. It went from weed being illegal to Amsterdam in a few short years. They legalized it for "medicinal purposes" and everyone suddenly developed a symptom that marijuana "medicine"could help. The state could care less. They are making TONS of money from taxing it and no one is getting hurt. The beauty of it is that EVERYONE is eating from this. The growers to the people who are running the shops are banking and the right way. Good old supply and demand. They even went as far as to make marijuana in certain amounts an offense equivalent to a traffic ticket. All they are worried about is money so, you could always trust a whore to think like a whore. They just their money for f%cking you.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just a Moment...

Everytime I hear this song it puts me into that zone. I have experienced some early losses to people I was very close to all the way to those I only knew for a brief time. I have had the privilege to meet many beautiful souls that are no longer with us. I don't fear death so that's why I never get too sad for them who have passed. I feel for their families that deal with that void of them no longer there for them for the good times and bad. I always understood it as they are in a better place and we are all promised the same fate as them so we shall all see each other soon enough. Peace to our way of life...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Going higher then I though ill ever become
Got me remembering story of Icarus getting too close to the sun
Burning my wings, me and the waves become one
But not all the way done
Just going with the flow
Neither fast or slow
If I go too deep I will miss the orb's glow
Do you know what I know?
The highs and low
Happen to be the same so
Don't hold your breath
To reach the bottom go
Above and beyond
Familiarity, family,
Actuality, reality
Insanity, clarity,
Her, we, she, and me,
Only thing left = energy
Its us and only us
Cloudkicks sponsored by Canibus
If you don't choke on the smoke
Meditate to feel the rush
The same when you cum
So hard can't help but to cuss
Its that feeling with no thought
Pure emotion traveling higher than Icarus

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's All About the Angles... Where and How To Get Someone of Quality.

HI! It's me again. How have you been? Me? I'm fine, being cool. You don't want to know all that do you? You are just being nice just so you can find out how to find someone of quality. What's wrong? Those dating websites keep on giving you rejects and crazies? Are the bars giving you low quality people with "miles'? Why are you surprised? Consider the source. Why do you think you will find a faithful, serious, person of quality in a place like a bar or club? That's where people in a relationship go and find people so they can cheat. You should know that by now. How many people of TRUE quality have you met from there? Don't worry, I'll wait. Now wipe those tears away, I got you covered with another dosage of the truth mixed in with some comedy. Isn't that what life is about anyway? Since it's hot in the streets I have made up a list. Not just any list though, I have included bonuses including level of difficulty and prep work to ensure your success all for, FREE! So without further ado, allow me to put you on. Here is where to find people of QUALITY along with some tips to attract that person to you.

Location : Bookstore. Degree of Difficulty : Medium. Prep - You MUST be literate, (at the very least for obvious reasons). Dress should be casual but smart. Throw some glasses in there while you are at it, makes you look smarter. Best Times : Sat.- Sun 1-5 p.m.

You might be asking, the bookstore? YES! The bookstore. If you were not aware since the last book you read was "The Little Engine That Could", bookstores are where it's at. The have every type of book there not just the kind with pictures. You will find someone of quality because at the least they are intelligent and are looking to expand. Self improvement is SEXY!!!! The way you pick someone up is the old fashion way, through something in common. Hang around looking at subjects that you find interesting and are genuinely excited about. You see someone you like in the section and there is that EYE CONTACT, go for it!!! Offer her a cup of coffee, it is literally 5 steps from where you are inside the store. Make conversation and get to know one another naturally. Just make sure to invite me to the wedding :)

What To Avoid : Don't go with your computer and be all creepy near the coffee spot in the store while you sip on the same drink for 2 hours while you hunt. Don't be that person.

Location : Grocery Store. Degree of Difficulty : Medium. Prep - An appetite. Basic knowledge of cooking. Dress should be business or business casual. Best Times : Tues-Thurs. 3:30-7 p.m. (after work)

I know what you are thinking, Grocery Store, boring... Let me tell you something. What is more exciting then finding someone that takes proper care of themselves and knows how to cook? Now that I have your attention, grocery stores are excellent places to find someone of quality. Now you usually see people in a rush and not really wanting to be around that many people. It makes people uncomfortable and less likely to have casual interaction as opposed to a bar where there is already social lubricants (alcohol). This is where it takes skill. It starts with eye contact. Once they have checked you out like the fine piece of meat that you are, smile back at them (a wink for the skilled). Once there is an equal reaction, just smile and introduce yourself. Make casual small talk and be nice. Help each other choose ingredients. This is an excellent chance for the set up. If you were smart, you would have some ingredients in your cart for a special recipe. You tell that person that the reason for you being there was to make a special dish that you are famous for that a dead grandmother gave you. You gain so many cool points that it's not funny! Here is where you win, please recite this word for word WITHOUT any variation and with a sincere face. " I would invite you to taste it but since we do not know each other properly yet, I don't think it would be right at this time". Then pause for effect... See what you did there was invite the person to get to know each other at a good pace with a promise of a reward while being realistic over their own paranoia. It is an all around win and you are doing you and them a favor.

What To Avoid : Anyone that has a bunch of ready made food such as heat and serves and just add water, they are the opposite of what you are looking for. Also avoid anyone with too many sweets or junk. Let's not forget to be mindful of anyone that has more alcohol (wine, wine coolers, beer) then actual food. Also lookout for a product called Monistat 7 (for the females), run don't walk away.

Location : Gym. Degree of Difficulty : High. Prep - Being in somewhat good shape (round does not count).Cinnamon Gum. A Shower before working out. Dress should be athletic gear without too many logos or loud colors. Some accessories can be an MP3 player Best Times : Mon-Sat 5-9 p.m.

Here is where you will find someone of quality and could probably whoop your butt. That's sexy. Someone who cares for their physical well being cares for others and has less stress while having their eye on the bigger picture. Please do not be intimidated, it is extremely difficult to stand out amongst the others that are gawking at that body in very form fitting clothes as they bounce up and down and up and down and are getting all hot and sweaty... wooo, getting excited just thinking about it! This is what you do, go about your workout as usual. Go to the Cardio Section (treadmills, elliptical, stair masters, bikes). Eye contact, then smile. If they smile back, then go away to another section without looking back. Again, this is for you to stand out and not be like the rest of the pervs. If they end up being in the same place you are in and using any of the machines or weights, get close to them and say "you have great form" with a big smile and that cinnamon gum in your mouth. Watch how they are hit by cupids arrow when they look at you. Ask for their name while you give them yours and ask if you could spot them. ***Now as an extra tip cause I love you, go there on a Friday between the hours of 7 p.m. to close. If you meet a person of quality during this magical time, you need to marry them. They were there getting their body right and relieving stress after a long day. They were doing something healthy instead of them going on another worthless date or hanging out with their looser "friends" at the bars and clubs while they drown their sorrows with that Firewater.

What To Avoid : Clothes that are too tight, going above your means (lifting weights that you very know you can't, or running faster than you should. The end result is always funny and not towards your benefit.) Also, be careful with the married ones. People tend not to work out with their wedding rings or bands. Just look for that circle tan on the ring finger.

I hope this helps and you have enjoyed the journey. If you find a person doing all three...???? You are truly on to someone of top quality! Treat them right because they deserve the best!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Did I Ever Tell You About... The Time The Mother Of My Kids Almost Got Me Killed?

I never have been too open about my personal life but under much encouragement by those that know me, I have decided to share some of my experiences. If you know me, we have experienced many interesting adventures. I always joke that something interesting ALWAYS happens when I go out. I wouldn't have it any other way. So I introduce to you the pieces of my life...

Here's the breakdown -

I meet a young lady during a certain crossroads in my life. It was 1999 and I had just come back from P.R. and I wanted to change my life. Let's just say I was living the wrong way. I was high all day everyday and having sex with all types of women. I decided nothing good can come out of bad when my friend Tyrone lost a baby with Naomi. The baby was born premature and literally died in the arms of the parents. I felt terrible that everyone was loosing it and I was the only dry eye in the room. I felt for their loss and felt responsible for what happened (they met through me and all they consumed her in my house being I had my own place since 16). So I felt my lifestyle and encouragement of it, had caused what happened.

So I come back to the are after a few months in P.R. and come across a lady I messed with in High School for a brief period. Her and I ended on terrible terms and was shocked to see her looking so good (the years have been kind to her). So we got to know each other and ended up being inseparable. I really enjoyed her company and we ended up having two great daughters.

Now fast forward to after the kids are born and you will see that we did not bring out the best in each other. I care for her but in love I simply was not. Being she is a smart and strong willed Dominican, her and I did not mix. So after many years of difficulty, I left on October of 2006. This was at the worst time possible. I left with only my clothes and my car that I would later total a few weeks later. The Mortgage Industry that I was involved in collapsed so I was not making the money like I was and had to work longer to get less. Now here is when it gets funny.

She is being told by multiple sources that I am in Avenue, H2O, Bravo Bravo, all types of events just acting a fool. Slapping all types of ass and just showing off. Apparently did this not sit well with her. She was getting jealous beyond belief. Little does she know that I was NOT in those places at all. I was working on average 14 hour workdays and after the accident, was trying to line everything up. People, I left EVERYTHING behind. She kept the house, the kids, and everything else we acquired over 7 years. I was trying to rebuild from next to nothing and she was acting up from me supposedly living my single life. It didn't help that I was seeing this young lady that actually came by with me when I saw the kids, let's just call her D. So me and D go to see my kids and she looses it. Just when it couldn't get worse for her jealousy, I get to know some people at El Zol. I went up there for business and met some great people there. I even dated someone up there for a bit (lovely lady by the way. ). One day I go to drop off the flan I made for a DJ friend's bday and she shouted me out while in the studio. This was the straw that broke the camel's back

Now my lovely Dominican has connects in certain "circles". Her good friends are good with people who make it happen and can handle things on their own. So with all this Ale is partying 24/7 supposedly rumors, make her upset. She is telling everyone that she has to handle the kids and the big house without my help and while she was struggling. Now what happens is when women start playing the victim. They tell the wolves how they are going through a tough time and how they are all alone and can't take it and paint the other to be an absolute monster. So one thing leads to another and let's say 2 wolves get involved. Let's call em A and L. Now these dudes make it happen and the happen to come across me on a chance meeting. We hit it off and get to be real cool because of a mutual friend. This was on a Wednesday. Now on Friday when they find out who I am, they tell me that they were going to air me out on Saturday after I got out of a bday party that was happening in Avenue. The reason they let me know was cause they saw I was always working and was indeed not partying and not handling my business as they were told. Everything was cool afterwards and we still joke about it to this day.

--- This happens all the time and some are not as fortunate as others. Please be careful because many have been hurt or worse over he say she say. Also as a side note, she never intended to have me killed but she definitely inspired the wrong people. Be careful what you say cause you never know.

**** Also, I am very tight with all her family, brother and sister, cousins and others. They are as much a part of my family and I am of theirs. Although we have our ups and downs, she is still a person I look out for and care about. NOW DON'T EVER ASK ME WHY WE ARE NOT TOGETHER CAUSE THIS SHOULD BE A GOOD ENOUGH EXPLANATION.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's All About the Angles... How To Make Her Like You More.

This is a guaranteed way for her to like you more. Of course, this is only for wife or wifey. Not the side chick or that every once in the while gal. I do this for those that are in need of ideas. Remember, I do this cause I care. The path success is to listen to her, don't ignore her while she is talking like you are used to. Of course the key is to be GENUINE.

*Have Flowers or Candy Delivered to the Job - Nothing says you are special than this. It allows your special lady to show off at work to all the married ones that get neglected by their husbands and/or the single girls that always talk about their new dudes from out of town that mysteriously no one ever sees.

* Pick Her Up From Work Without Telling Her - Nothing shows you care more than just surprising her at work taking her out without her prior knowledge. Take her to her favorite restaurant and go for a walk afterwards. It sounds simple yet it goes a long way. This keeps things exciting. Listen the minute you become predictable, you become boring. Once that happens, SHE WILL CHEAT! Probably cheat on you with me but that's another blog altogether.

*Treat Her and Her Friends to a Mani Pedi - This is apparently hot in the streets right now. Under no I mean NO circumstances should you go with her. No man that pees standing up should ever go to any establishment with the word Salon in it. So with that said, just pay for her and her friends to chill out for a bit and let her hype you up to her friends. Chances are that her friends have already found you attractive and who knows, maybe you have yourself another side chick or a once in a while cause of it.

*Quick Trip - Take her to NY or a close spot like Baltimore. Something with entertainment and a nice hotel close by. A little unannounced road trip will add to the spontaneity and keep things fun. It doesn't have to cost much but it makes her feel special. Girls like playing dress up so bring some outfits like a nurse's a maid joint. It's like you are cheating on her with her! Throw a wig in there and chase that hottie around the hotel room. She will love you for it...

* Drop Off Her Favorite Dish At Work- Bring her favorite lunch from either a restaurant or if you really want to get some cool points, from something you made yourself.

* Buy her a Teddy Bear - Corny? Not for her. Have that lil guy sitting on her bed on the pillows and watch her reaction.

* Clean Her Car - Let her take your car (yeah, I know but, just do it) and clean her car inside and out. Tell her something to the effect of, I can't have my baby driving around in a dirty car.

* Gym Membership - This is, how do you say, a win win. You have that girl in the gym 3 times a week at least and her body will stay tight. You both benefit from this movement.

Now for this to work you REALLY have to have paid attention to her likes and wants. If you didn't cause you were too busy zoning out to her body, it's ok. It happens. Just hack in to her Facebook or Twitter or simply ask a friend of hers.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's All About the Angles...So You Have Yourself a Stalker?

Good for you!!!! Do you know how rare it is to have nowadays?. They are one of your top fans! They say you can measure how successful you are by the amount of haters you have. Uh uh nope, I politely disagree. You can measure how successful and wanted you are by how many stalkers you have. If you have one or more stalkers, Congratulations! You now have someone wants you for all the wrong reasons and will NOT leave you alone until you beat them like they stole something. What's more loyal than that? Not much really.

In all seriousness, here are a few tips on how to avoid creating, identifying and controlling a stalker.

* Do be careful when getting to know someone - Do not tell too much about yourself, your family, location of your home, areas of leisure, and exactly where you work. This is something earned once trust is established.

* Never under any circumstance invite them to your home - Why do you think they invented hotels for? Get to really know the individual after a time period before you extend that ever so sacred invitation.

*Check how much they text, call - If all they do is invite you out after you have told them no and ask for a reason or 5 as to why, you have yourself a potential stalker. The good news is that you can always ignore them and change your number if it gets to be too much.

* Never, Nunca, NEVER hit that!!!! No matter how hot and bothered you get NEVER have sex with this potentially unstable creature. Nothing turns a somewhat annoying person into a stalker faster than working the middle.

* Be Honest - Once you have realized that they are not right in the head, just be honest and say that you are not interested in being anything else then distant friends. Very distant.

* Direct Calm Communication - Is probably the best way to stop a stalker from being a stalker. Tell them you are uncomfortable with them being everywhere you are. Calmly explain to them that those scary people you have close to you will gladly loosen a few teeth if you continue with all this coincidental running into each other

* Stop promoting where you will be at all times. - You may not be aware as to why they are always where you are at the exact same time. Please look no further than your updates. It is not a good idea to tell everyone where you will be and at what time you will be there. There is also these scary apps for cell phones that use GPS that allow people to know EXACTLY where you are at all times. That is just scary...

* Get yourself some scary crazy built people as friends. - Stalkers understand intimidation and potential threat better than calm talking at times. A few of these great people around you that like punishing idiots are a must have for the fall season. Great accessories.

* Walk around HEAVY!!! - You can't have scary crazy built friends with you at all times so I highly encourage everyone to have some type of weapon always on you. It is just a smart move now with the way things are. They don't want to hear that leave you alone talk? Ok, just go to your waistline and let off a couple of hollow tips in their direction. See how quickly they change once they had that rush of running away while their life is being threatened. This is a guarantee fix!!! Just make sure you have alerted the law enforcement (cops) of your situation. This movement is only for those that have attempted the police route and have a strong lawyer.

I know this will help and hope it entertains you as much as it does for me.

They Takin' Pictures...

I know I will be in the minority when I say that I dislike taking pictures. Every event, get together, bar, short trip, restaurant, birthday party, casual visit, and random running into has become, "Wait, let me get a picture with you." Not "can I?" or "would you like to?". Now let me be clear, I actually like the people that ask so it's not like I mind being seen with and or standing close to them. I just do not understand the need to take a picture every 2 seconds. Yes I am at a social gathering and I am publicly being seen but I don't want to take thousands of pictures of the same thing over and over again. I genuinely do not like the whole picture taking movement that has been happening for the last few years. Consider me to be a private person that enjoys company. I blame social networks such as Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. They have created the new wave of amateur photographers and models that have no business doing so. So think about how many terrible pics you have seen lately of that chick who really thinks she is cute with her goofy look and jacked up hair with a gut in some random place and tubby over there thinks he is built so he has decided to take off his shirt being all baby oiled up for no reason.

In all seriousness, I would like to share a story with you. This actually happens a lot although people don't like to admit it. Picture this if you will, I am at a random event and I run into a married woman. She was there with a couple of female friends and I was flying solo at that time. We haven't really seen each other in a while so while her and I we catching up briefly, her friends suggest we take a few flicks. She grabs me close and after a few smiles and being blinded by the flash later, we go our separate ways. That's it that's all. Now a few hours later I see the pictures on Facebook because her and I were tagged on them without her or my consent with a certain type of caption. Now my understanding is that her husband saw these pics and thought the worst. He didn't like what she told him (the truth) and knew of me through reputation alone. Now one thing lead to another that out of respect, I will not go into details. That was an extreme case but it has been brought to my attention that his happens often and there are many fights and issues cause of it. The trust issue comes into play and it's one of those instances where not everything is as it looks.

I do think that there is an art in photography when done right. I am a big fan of art and photography as an extension of that culture. There are many photographs that are powerful and beautiful in their own right and I thoroughly enjoy them. I actually know some who are involved in the field such as Jarvis, Rocio, Thomas, and even my youngest daughter to name a few. It is cool to look back at certain places you have been and who you were there with but just like anything, all things in moderation. Don't ruin the moment because you are too busy trying to capture it.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Letters to Juliet.

I was forced to watch this movie against my will a few months back after watching the disaster called "Why did I get Married Too". I must say I actually enjoyed this movie. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's All About the Angles... She's Coming Over Your House!

This is strictly for my fellas about to have that special girl over their house***. Now, what do you do??? Since I want your experience to be a pleasant one, here are a few tips as to what to do.

* Cleanliness - Make sure all bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens are cleaned. Top to bottom.

* Music - Have a good mix of music going. It sets the mood. I usually create a couple of channels in my Pandora that creates a good mix. (Hector LaVoe, Flying Lotus, Erykah Badu, ...) then hook it up to the system.

* Cook - Make her a good meal. Now is not the time to do something overly complicated or anything you haven't made many times before. She will really appreciate that. I usually am 90% done before she shows up so she could see that you are the one cooking. Another tip is that don't make anything with too many sauces (pasta). It might end up in her nice white shirt.

* Drinks - Have her favorite drink ready and chilled. Have two options, non alcoholic and alcoholic. Also, have some filtered or bottled water on deck just in case. It will start as non alcoholic because she wants to be in control. If she asks for the alcoholic type (if she drinks), she is getting comfortable with you. I recommend keeping a nice Moscato Wine. It is sweet and has her feeling good. If it is an Asian dinner, serve her a Plum Wine or Sake...

* Desert - Have something bought or made. She might not have eaten all the food but she WILL eat all the dessert. They ALL have a sweet tooth. Again, this goes back to how well you listened. So whether it be cheesecake, chocolates, or ice cream, make sure you have that ready.

After all of the eating and talking, move the party over to the living room, the living room, the living room. I repeated this 3 times because I DO NOT want you to think it's ok to go to the bedroom. Have her sipping on her favorite drink and light up some incense (real men DO NOT HAVE SCENTED CANDLES). I use Nag Champa and different variations. Don't light these bad boys up before or during dinner, it messes up the taste of the food. Crack jokes and enjoy each other's company. Talk about everything under the sun. Sit back and let yourself get caught in the moment. If she starts getting closer to you or complains that she has stiffness in her shoulder or back, time to show off your massage techniques. NOW you can go to the bedroom.

* Condoms - Have em, use em. I don't care how much you like her, DO NOT GO IN RAW. I keep 2 condoms on my pocket at all times. Do not have it in plain view. It's tacky.

* Have a Towel Handy - If you gave her the explosive orgasms as I hope you should have, she will not be able to walk or move for the next few. This way she could wipe off any perspiration or love.

* Have Bottled Water - Within arms reach. She has been through a lot and is probably thirsty. Poor thing...

Hug her afterwards and let her hear you breathe, they REALLY like that. Relax yourself because in the next 15 minutes you need to be aware if she wants to stay the night ( she falls right asleep in 2 minutes) or needs to go. She will say something like " I have to go even though I don't want to because...". Don't argue but help her get things together and get dressed. As you are walking (she is trying to walk) out give her some of the food and dessert "to go" so she could replay the whole night again when she eats it. Walk her to the car and ask her to let you know when she gets home

I hope this helps you take care of that special someone.

*** WARNING *****!!!!! This is of course for someone special. Not someone you do not trust or have just met. This is after a few times out together and after backgound checks and her refrences check out. DO NOT JUST INVITE ANYONE TO YOUR HOME. Do your research and be safe.

It's All About the Angles... How To Watch New Movies for FREE

Sounds like I have been taken over by spam or hustle right? WRONG *Charlie Murphy Voice* . The funny thing is that nowadays when a movie is in theatres they have the DVD already pressed up. So all it takes is one to make it's way to the internet and what you have after that is a free way to watch 1st run movies. What happens after that is that there are websites that serve as host to these movies. What's great is that it's streaming and you do not have to download anything to watch the movie. There are only two websites that I use and trust.

Movie2k -

* The trick to this site is to use only Stream2k and Megaupload. Also, only choose them when they have the :) face next to them. It states the quality. :) is DVD Quality, outside of that is a camera in the theatre mode.

QuickSilverScreen -

* This is strictly Megaupload. It has better picture quality. The only drawback is that after 72 Minutes it stops saying wait for 35 minutes or upgrade to their paid service. The way around that is reset your internet router (turn off then on the internet source). Then refresh the screen and fast forward to where you last left off.

Since this is strictly streaming to your computer (think Netflix Streaming), you should invest in a connection wire from your computer to your TV. That way your computer serves as a DVD Player.

I hope that this helps when you are bored or want to watch a movie. I still go to the movies but this greatly reduces me wasting my time and money on a terrible movie.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Relationships : Connections pt. 2

Under the urging of my fine Brazilian friend, I have been asked to speak on relationships. Now the funny thing is I have not been in a true relationship since the one I was in with the mother of my kids. That should automatically disqualify me from even attempting to speak on the matter but, I actually have witnessed many successful ones and I always try to break down things around me to the simplest form. Here is a list because people know me for my lists (thanks Gavilan!)

* COMMUNICATION! - The key to any healthy long lasting relationship is *HONEST* communication. Say what you think/feel in a respectful manner.

* Start Off Right - You will not meet the man/woman of your dreams at a bar or strip club so stop it 5! All you will get is a baby mama or baby daddy and lots of headaches. Use my old adage. Nothing good can come out of bad. Really think about that.

* Treat It Like It's Brand New - They say that the best part of any relationship is the beginning or the "Honeymoon" period. This is accurate. The best way to keep this up is to be spontaneous and have lots of fun.

* They Won't Cheat....- Unless you give them reason to. Don't act suspect and be open to let your significant other know what you are doing and who you are doing it with. Make sure you also satisfy them emotionally, mentally, and sexually. If you do this, why go anywhere else?

* Cut the Umbilical Cord - STOP HANGING OUT WITH THOSE NOBODIES! Those single idiots will get you in trouble. If you are a couple, hang out with couples. You stopped being single and you should act like it. Hanging out with the fellas/ Girl's Night Out should be a RARE occasion. Not every week.

* Stay Sexy - Be healthy and exercise. The side effects are that they won't look elsewhere (as much).

* Cell Phones, Twitter, Facebook...- Burn it, delete, and delete. Want a successful relationship WITHOUT paranoia, this is the only way...

* Be a Best Friend - No secrets, help when you can and genuinely be concerned. If you don't bring out the best in them and they don't bring out the best in you Cut the Umbilical Cord. Don't even waste your time.

These are some tips that will help. Feel free to add on.

* If it doesn't work, don't feel bad or insecure. It was not a good connection and that is all. Learn from it and evolve.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Drink Water

The first step of being healthy is, TO DRINK WATER. It is necessary for the body to get rid of toxins and for hydration just to name a small few. It is no coincidence that the earth and the body are both made up of 75% water. Since it seems that everything in life is complicated, allow me to simplify the truths about water and you.

- How Much To Drink? Take your weight and divide it by two. That is how many ounces of water you should drink per day. In my case I take 195/2 and come up with 97.5.

- What Type? I personally drink filtered bottled water. Of course there are many options out there from different bottled water companies and filtration systems. Please do your homework on what type because drinking water straight from the tap is not all that healthy

- I Don't Like the Taste! This is actually a very genuine reaction for most people I know. Many tend to shy away from drinking water because they don't like the "taste". That is why Vitamin Water and Sports Drinks are such a hot and high yielding profitable products. Basically these businesses are making lots of $$$$$ because of this very fact. Some more readily available alternatives are putting fresh lemons or limes in your water to add taste and some type of natural vitamins.

- Still Bored of Water? Drink Tea. Yes, drinking the right teas help because you are hydrating yourself and some teas have antioxidants which seem to be hot in the streets nowadays for it's health benefits. I recommend decaffeinated for obvious reasons. Like anything though, do your research to find the right ones for you.

I hope that this information has helped. Because this is so important and those reading it have an easier time accessing clean water, let's not forget about those who can't. Please donate to organizations that are doing something about this or to the people directly.




For tea advice, here is a good friend's company

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Where does GOD exist?/
is he felt between lovers/
when they first exchange a kiss?/
or floating in those high notes/
escaping from that singer's lips/
does he warm us with that sunlight?/
after another cold night/
does he feel her hunger?/
while she walks around stomach tight/
cause her money isn't coming in right/
and she feels to weak to even fight/
He Might/
keep your loved one company/
as their soul leaves their body/
be there to blow air in his lungs/
of your newborn son/
a soul for a soul/
that's how the deal is done/
what if he walks with us in physical form?/
that homeless man without shelter to keep him warm/
with nothing to protect him from the upcoming storm/
is that the norm?/
walk right past and do the same act as you usally perform/
ignore the fact that/
he needs a meal/
his hunger is real
complaining out loud that your too fat/
that's why you threw half your dinner away/
fuck it, why give him money/
he's gonna spend it on liquor anyway/
that's why their so lazy/
if not, why were they not working today?/

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chill Spots... Shirlington

I dig this area a lot actually. You have many restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery spots in a big enough but small enough strip. Any type of food imagined is there along with movies, and bars, library, theatres and other entertainment in a very contemporary way. It even has a Bus Boys and Poets! Great for a casual weekday outing. I have been here many of times and it I have always gotten an interesting story of three from here. So if you want to do the usual thing in an unusual way, invest some time here. I must forewarn you though, it is a grown folks spot. I enjoy the fact that everything is walking distance and there is plenty parking. Being right of the highway and having a metro stop makes it very easy and convenient to visit either day or night.

My Song Right Now...

The hook and beat are brilliant. Jets...


I find this to be something that although we have seperate methods of communicating, we communicate in a less effective manner. It's almost like things get lost in translation. I think that the written word although powerful, can be completely misunderstood. This is not just in the written because when talking to someone a single word can be hung on to and it can create a misconception. Being that everyone is super sensetive, things can get quickly out of hand. Pride is a hell of a drug...

I consider myself to be an expert communicator. To give you a brief background, I get paid to talk. To the point that they have made me in charge of others and how they communicate. I excel in sales because of this and business is my strong point. So for the life of me I cannot understand why I experience as much difficulty as I do when I communicate with friends. Since this weekend I have basically had nothing but miscommunications and it is terrible that things are going all over the place. From the small and meaningless to pretty major. I was speaking to a very good friend about this very thing and I ended up making her very upset. She is extremely hurt by our 2 hour long phone conversation that I feel that she was hurt. I think it is not the message but the presentation that causes the confusion. Who knows though, maybe I am just rambling but I am really trying to get an idea of why it seems that there is a commnunication breakdown between me and many right now.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just Wrapped Up The Movie "Her"

Finally done with the movie. It may seem weird that I am promoting it without much clothes but when you see the film, it will make sense.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Does Not Surprise Me

I have long known that the racism and prejudice towards hispanics is at an all time high. We are accepted whenever it is convinient for them. For making money, getting people voted in, and cheap labor to name a few. As a people, we are looked upon as a joke. To be used and discarded whenever the job has been done. Looking at this comic strip that came out here disgusts me. It confirms what I have written in the above lines. It is proof as to why you could do anything to the Hispanic in North America and get away with it. Do you think that they could have done that with the Asians, Africans, African Americans, or Muslims???? Of course not. They have pride in themselves and demand respect. I don't think violence is the answer but why do you think people think twice at depicting Mohammed in anything? They know that if you go to far, there will be someone ready to straighten you out.

We will not have that in our communities because we lack direction. We lack leaders that are worth anything. The ones who are able to or in a position to lead are content in the fame and the money that goes along with it and not the betterment of our people. There seems to be way too much division within hispanics. This country does not like that country. Even worse, people of the same country do not like the indeginious people because they feel they are beneath them. Regardless of what you think, we are all the same. We have a very beautiful, powerful, rich culture and we are slowly forgetting it for this countrie's modern day trappings. I am sorry but my soul is too valuable to sell out for a few possesions. There is a line from Drake that says it best, "transitioning from fitting in to standing out". This line hits home because we should respect their culture but we should not dilute our own.

What is surprising is the feedback that this comic strip got from so called latinos. Some did not find offense to it (which is fine), others found it funny (dude, they are laughing at us, not with us). Regardless of you dressing like them, acting like them, or even trying to be like them, YOU WILL NEVER BE THEM. You come from a distinct rich history. We have our own language, art, culture, food, mentality, WORK ETHIC. Be proud of this and add on but do not take away from it. Do not be ashamed of who you are, be ashamed that something like this can be printed and we are not doing a thing about it. Please learn to take yourself and what you represent seriously. We have seen what happens when we don't. Look no further than Arizona...

Quick Tips On Being Healthy

Diet and Exercise. Many if not all can quote this but hardly anyone knows how to do it and stick to it. Going outside of what your likes almost always insures failure (crash diets, nasty diet foods, diet diets, exercise with little to no results, boring routine, etc.) LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING!!! You don't have to do that to be healthy. I dropped at least 30 pounds by doing this...

- Cardio. Running, biking, or elliptical for 5 times a week for about twenty or so minutes. This serves as an excellent warm up. It burns calories and opens up your breathing for the upcoming workout. *If you don't like running, walk briskly.* Also, jumping rope for 5 minutes is equivalent to running for 20 minutes...

- Weights. Isolate muscle groups and focus on form not weight. Repetitions and proper form outweigh straining yourself with heavy weights. Also, do it with little rest periods to keep the cardio aspect of it.

- Once You Are Seeing Results or Getting Bored... Switch up your workouts. Keep it interesting.

- Activities. Bike riding, running around paths, walking the city shopping, playing basketball, football, are all great ways to keep in shape. When you actually enjoy what you are doing, you don't realize that you are working out. You are just having fun and look forward to doing it.

- Water. Drink it, Love It. If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Drink before, during, and after the workout. Drink during the day as well

- Adjust Your Diet. Replace processed foods with more organic alternatives. Whole Wheat Everything(my rice and pasta lovers)!!!! Eat plenty of dark leafy veggies, chicken breast, turkey breasts, some lean red meat every now and again, and FISH! Fish such as Atlantic Sockeye Salmon are rich in Protein and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

- Protein. Your body can only absorb about 20 grams of protein at a time so make sure you eat enough of it after your workout and through the day. One Can of Tuna Fish posses your necessary need for protein serving. Drink milk as well. Great source of protein and calcium. Stay away from Soy Milk. It is full of sugars and it carries plant ESTROGEN! It causes thyroid problems within females as an example.

-Alcohol... Just don't do it. If it is not a glass of wine per day, you are not doing your body any favors. Don't believe me??? Look down at your gut tubby.

- SEX!!!! Did you know that sex burns a ton of calories??? Have lots of sex!!!! It is good for your heart and not to mention the high you get afterwards!!!! *Please do so with your husband/wife or significant other* This is not the time for you to get sick because you are having sex with the wrong people. You are getting in shape and we don't want you getting too skinny and/or dying over being healthy. That would defeat the purpose, no?

- Enroll in Zumba, Kickboxing, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do etc... Since you are already getting in shape, this will help you stay active while while meeting people. Each of these activities burn 1,000 calories per hour and satisfy the necessity for cardio.

Well, I hope that these tips help. If you require more, please do not hesitate to ask. God Bless and Much Success.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tips On How to Interview Successfully

Tomorrow I have an important interview for what could be a lucrative position with a Fortune 500 Company (If I choose to accept this position, it means lots of $$$ and I can actually help clients for the better). Since I have been working since 14, I have picked up a few things about properly interviewing for the position.It also helps that in all my management positions, I have interviewed extensively for my team as well as others. I have compiled a list of a few tips that will help you obtain the career you are pursuing.

*Preparation is Key - Learn about what position you are applying for before hand. Googling the position and the company and discussing how the company differs from others shows you have done your homework. Also, use the way the company sets themselves apart from the competition (company missions, motto's, direction) as a way on how you do business and how you share the same ideals in business.

*Know Approximately How Much It Pays - This also goes along with the doing the homework part of the list. You should more or less know what kind of compensation you should be getting so you can have a realistic expectation. You would not want to waste their time nor have your time wasted. To gain that information, use sites such as They are accurate and also include employees feedback

*Dress for Success - For men, suit and tie. For woman, business formal. Nothing too revealing or form fitting, just right. For both men and women, wear dark and conservative colors to the meeting. Make sure shoes are polished and that everything is lint and wrinkle free. This step is also important to insure if you own pets. Take it easy on the colognes/perfumes and make up for the ladies. All things in moderation should be the motto. An inside tip is to wear glasses if you own any. This little accessory goes a long way.


*Humor - This is only for those that actually have a personality. If you interject a bit of yourself and add some humor, it cuts the tension. It puts them in the " I like this person and I can see myself working as a team with them". Very valuable component.

*You Are Interviewing Them Just As They Are Interviewing You - Ask them questions just as they are asking you. Ask about benefits, paid time off, information on ADVANCEMENT "Career Pathing" (employers love to hire people who want to make a career and advance in their profession. Clear sign of a producer.) Also ask about job expectations, training, continuous training (there is a difference, it helps you do your job better), tuition reimbursement, and team questions as well.

*Have Responses Ready - Why are you leaving your current job? Why did you leave that job? What did you like most or least about this place and that. Have your responses ready and keep them positive. Room for growth and changing to an industry is always a good response. Also if you were referred to that job because of one of your clients was impressed by your talent is a slam dunk.

*Structured Interviews - More companies are going to what is referred to the S.T.A.R. Method of Interviewing. Situation Task Action Result. They want you tell them about a time that this and that happened what did you do about it and what was the result. It always goes to tell me a time you were successful at something, something did not go according to plan, team building, or you did not see eye to eye with a co-worker. This is how employers weed through the imaginary I would do this on a certain situation to this is what I did and this is what came out of it. Basically they want specifics and not philosophies so please practice this. It will be your key

*Bring Goodies!!!!:)- A proof book of sorts containing recorded accomplishments, trainings, certificates, and past work is best. This proves in writing that you have done what you have done.

*Once the Interview is Done, Act As If... - you had a great interview and they will offer you the job. Ask, "If everything goes well, what is the next step?". This is a powerful and seldom closing technique. It puts them on the spot to where they offer to send a background check if they have not done so and it allows both you and them to set up a follow up interview.

*Revise Your Offer Letter - Since more than likely you are getting the job because you have followed all these tips, please revise the offer letter to confirm start dates and negotiate anything that needs to be negotiated.

*BE HONEST!!!!!!! - By far the most important. When you are preparing yourself, presenting yourself, and selling yourself, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! You need to be completely honest and transparent. Just present it in the right fashion

God Bless and Much Success!

Boondocks Season 3 Episode 7

Always a guarentee to amuse. I have seen them recreating (you see what I did there?) popular movies. Not a bad way to go about it. I still think that Ghost and Rae refrence of them pumping on the block and not being down with the team is hilarious. See Can It Be All So Simple 2 off the Original Cuban Links Album.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Connection

This is something most people want and sometimes rarely get. Others have had it, lost it, and are trying to regain it. The way that I can personally describe it as complete comfort and energy with someone. A chemistry. Understanding of what that person is saying and thinking. Almost like reading their thoughts. Once you connect, it throws common sense and rational thoughts right out the window. It makes you forget of any barriers that you have placed because of prior experiences. It's an immediate trust. The funny thing about the right connection is that you feel this almost immediately with someone you don't know. People have often referred to this phenomenon as knowing each other in a past life or you meeting this person was meant to be. A soul mate.

I choose to be single because I have not felt that with someone up to this point. I am lying, I have felt that with someone but the issue is that there is no way in the world that we can be together. I don't even know what she feels towards me. She is someone that I cannot help but wonder how they are and want nothing but the best for, even though I know it will not be with me. I have met many great women with a lot to offer. They were attractive, intelligent, and had great personalities. I just never had that connection that I felt with this special someone. When I feel that rush that I did with someone, I will know that I am to be with her.

I do make connections all the time. Some physical and some more along the lines of friendship. I know that without a certain type of chemistry, it makes things less exciting and outright boring. It almost becomes like a feeling that once you have experienced it, you go searching for it. It is that addicting.

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Favorite Song, "The World Is Yours!"

The year was 1994... It was right before summer and this is a song I listened to countless times on a daily basis. This song to me is perfect. I still listen to it to this day and it reminds me of this important time in my life. Although Blackmoon, Wu-Tang, and Jeru got endless repeats, Nas' Illmatic was my favorite album.

The reason that this time sticks out so much is because so much happened during this period. It was May going into June when I was packing up to move to Puerto Rico for a while and the day before I am to leave, I get a phone call telling me that one of my best friends Romulo Ayala was murdered. Weird thing was I felt no way about it. I felt empty. I was surprised that I was not sad at all. I didn't even get a chance to go his funeral. This was the day. The turning point. The time which at that point forward I was to change. I literally left my life I had in Alexandria, VA. and at 14 years young started to grow to the man I would become.

Moving to Puerto Rico was an experience. I was born there and raised for the first 7 years of my life in Viejo San Juan with my mother before going to NY and eventually settling down in Alexandria. Even though I went down every year for summer vacation it was much different living there. When I would go for vacations I stayed with my grandparents in Santa Rosa, Bayamon. Although I was from the DMV, everyone out there thought I was a Nuyorican. It was my dress, slang, attitude, and music that made it appear so. Also what was different was that prior to me moving down there I would probably only eating once sometimes twice a day due to lack of supervision and money. I think that is why I went crazy and and ate everything in sight while I lived there. I had Sushi for the first time which I quickly became addicted to, ate Churasco, todo typos de pollo, arroz con habichuelas, comida criolla, the works.

It was definitely the best time of my life. I lived in a hotel called El Conquistador In Las Croabas close to Fajardo. It was an amazing resort that was almost like a city. EVERYDAY I would workout, play basketball, swim in the pools and ocean, mess with all the women my age and older and eat 3 TIMES A DAY!!!!! Back in Alexandria I did none of these things consistently. Although I was sexually active for two years prior, I learned a lot living in P.R. I picked up so much being around native Puerto Rican Women that worked in the hotel and lived around the area.It made me a great lover. I would also get to know the guests that came for their vacations both local and international. I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!!!

Now this went on for 2 years before coming back to the DC Area. I came back for the first day of High School at T.C. Williams. I still remember me going to the bus stop in the Hamlets and showing up with some Nike Air Raids, Black Shorts, White Team USA Olympic shirt and my Nike headband. I felt like I was made out of gold!!!! This was the first time that in this area, I was very attractive. The extra weight, tan , and the I don't care attitude where a complete change to what I was once known for. I walked around the whole school by myself and I was stopped by everyone!!!! They were all grabbing me telling me they thought I died because I disappeared right when Romulo dies. Funny thing is that me and Romulo looked EXACTLY ALIKE!!!! So you can imagine the rumors. It was the best feeling being noticed and being approached the way I was. I never wanted that feeling to end.I even ran into this girl I had a crush on by the name of Cassandra. I had the biggest crush on her and she noticed me and started talking my head off, I was on cloud 9. I left before second period because I didn't even have any classes being I was not enrolled at the time.

I went back to Puerto Rico to go to school at Fajardo Academy. I met people that I consider my family and made lasting connections. I gained a lot of knowledge of the world and academics. It was also at this time that I made connections with people dealing with negativity and profitability. That story unfortunately is for another time.

Below I have included some pictures of this time period.

Me in the gym at 14. We were on jerseys early on.

View from the hotel El Conquistador

My brother Jonathan and I heavy in Altura Projects

Me and Samson. Even our pits rock gold links. Check his neck.

My brother Jonathan and his brother Cesar (Caveman) in the hotel.

Boycott BP?!?!?!

As many of you know by now, there was an explosion on the Gulf of Mexico involving a BP Drilling Rig. Eleven people have died, more are injured or missing, and water and surrounding areas will have damage for years to come. An estimated 56,000 to 84,000 barrels of oil is flooding the ocean on a daily basis due to a broken pipe with a direct feed to the oil source. This simply is the largest oil spill in U.S History and a huge ecological nightmare. This is affecting all the states in the surrounding area and it is even hitting the West Coast of Florida. It is ruining wildlife, killing fish, and is and will cause human health hazards. As if that region has not been hard enough with all the natural disasters, we have this to add which is also impacting the local economies compiled with all the hazards listed above.

This spill has been going on for 7 weeks now and it is not letting up anytime soon. I do commend the conservators and scientist genuinely trying to help stop the leak and helping locals along with the wildlife. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for BP and portions of our government. They downplayed the matter and in the beginning BP stated that only 1,000 barrels a day was being emptied to the water. Not only did they downplay it but when certain agencies wanted to record it to properly estimate the true amount it was spilling they responded by saying "no". They feel that it makes no difference and that it will deter from clean up efforts. Under that law as written in 1990, BP must pay $1,000 for every barrel it spills, and $3,000 per barrel if it is found to have been grossly negligent. BP can do the math just as well as Mr. Markey can — 25,000 barrels a day times 40 days (and climbing) times $3,000 equals at least $3 billion.

What really trips me out and gets me is that they were operating this remote oil rig without a remote off switch that would be used for such an event. Because of their shortcuts and negligence, we the people of these United States are left with the damage while they enjoy their Billions of Dollars. This makes me mad so I am to the point where I have to agree that we must boycott this company completely.

The issue with a boycott is that BP only owns 100 of 900 gas stations and the rest are independently owned by regular people. Because of their mistake I do not want to make these independent owners suffer but something must be done. Below I have included all companies that are owned by BP so you the reader can make an intelligent decision...





BP Travel Centre

BP Connect

BP Express

BP Shop

Castrol Oil

Air BP and BP Shipping

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let Me Explain Something to You...

Boxing is a mental sport. This might seem like a contradiction given the nature of this extremely physical contact sport but last night's fight between Cotto and Foreman proves it. You see, what you saw last night was nothing more than a set up fight. It allowed Cotto to get his confidence back while Foreman enjoyed his biggest payday. This fight allows for a possible rematch to be shown by Pay Per View versus another free showing in HBO. It had the story with an Undefeated Champion Yuri Foreman fighting Former Champion Miguel Cotto. The reality of it is that Yuri was a flipping injured figther ( I referred to him as a cripple but gotta show respect ) . He came in with a knee brace and went down on the 7th round a few times because of it. In boxing the least you need to be is completely healthy to have a fair chance to win, word to fights being cancelled because of broken pinkys. He fought cause it was more money then he has seen before so the show must go on.

Now the situation with Cotto is a little bit more complex. Cotto was poised to be one of the top fighters. He was undefeated and would fight any fighter. Great guy with a slow but deadly style in the ring. Everything went downhill for him when he fought Antonio Margarito. Long story short, Margarito made Cotto's face look like the Elephant Man (google that). He never received a whooping like that before and the real reason was later discovered. It was later found out that Margarito has been fighting dirty. In a fight with Sugar Shane Mosley, Mosley's trainer found that he had padded his hand wraps with plaster to make them harder thus increasing the damage to his opponent. Flat out, you could go to jail for this for attempted murder. The fight between Mosley still went on but after Margarito lost that night he was suspended for what he did. Now if he did it with Mosley, who is to say he did not do the same thing with Cotto. Post fight interviews and photos of the Cotto Margarito fight show a colored substance in his hand wraps. Hand wraps are always and should stay white. There is no reason for coloring unless something else was added. With that written, it clearly explains why Cotto got beaten like he did. Unfortunately, the mental damage that Cotto endured was done. His confidence was destroyed. Like anything in life, YOU NEED CONFIDENCE TO PERFORM AT YOUR BEST. This is why you practice at anything that you do so it can become habit to perform at your peak. When he fought Pacquiao (yes steroids, but I like the guy) it was apparent that his confidence was gone. He was satisfied after Pacquiao started wilding out on him that he was content with not getting beaten like with Pacquiao. He looked like an abused puppy that flinches cause his master has hit him a few times too many. This is why he needed a gimme. An easy fight. A fight where he could look more of a boxer for the fans so he could get back to Pay Per View Status but more for himself to know that he could still box.

Without a doubt it was purely a business decision that the fight was set up like it was. It was fought in Yankee Stadium (very pro Cotto) to show off the new stadium. As for the fight itself, I have never seen anything like that. Foreman as good as he could have been was not at a 100% because of his injured knee. He could have rolled into the Ring in a wheelchair because of that injury so fighting in the condition that he did was just ignorant. There was no way he was winning that fight without good use of both legs. During the fight, Cotto did what he did and started beating him like a drum. Foreman's face was showing the abuse and in the 7th round Foreman went down twice. Not from his beating but because of his knee. The funny thing is that his wife could be seen loosing it and wanting the fight stopped at the end of the round. That lady has some sense. But the fight went on until in the coming round 8 when a towel was thrown in. A towel being thrown in means that the corner is quitting the fight so their fighter is not hurt. Now in the weirdest and most unusual thing I have ever seen, the referee called the fight back on. After everyone got in the ring and they were about to do all the post fight stuff, he resumed the fight. Apparently it was not Foreman's corner that threw it in (I think it was his upset woman). Cotto still whopped him and there was a TKO in the 9th round.

All this said due to the drama that happened with Foreman being injured and Cotto winning and beating the undefeated title holder, this makes a perfect comeback for Cotto. He was able to regain his confidence and the public got to see what he does best. Unfortunately, it was doing so by beating a disadvantaged fighter. Foreman won many new fans after showing his heart and if there is a rematch it guarantees Pay Per View. Now funny thing, looking at Cotto's face after the fight, I would not be surprised if he retires. It was something in his eyes that indicated to me that he no longer posses the killer instinct or the hunger for this anymore.

So once again, Boxing (the sweet science) is a MENTAL SPORT!

I Am So Flipping Hungry...!

I am sitting at home hungrier than a hostage. I just got done watching the fight (Cotto beat that crippled guy) and just remembered I have not eaten. It's 2:30 in the morning and I can't go out to eat cause everything is closed. You know very well it's too late to start cooking and I am just flat out lazy. Now tell me, what in the world can I do??????

Friday, June 4, 2010

Is Hector Lavoe THE Greatest Salsero????

I ask this because I was just reintroduced to his music and was blown away. His voice, lyrics, delivery, and story are unmatched. He has such clarity, pain in his voice and unique melody that no one has been able to sound as good as him since his passing. Only person that comes to mind is Marc Anthony and they have plenty of similarities (peace to all the puntos that bless him with that good stuff). I grew up on his music and although I dig Ismael Rivera's music (an amazing artist and great personal story. I even dated his you Orquidea), I don't see anyone having all the talents and make music as good as he does. Do you think there is anyone that you think comes close or is better?

Great Flicks...

I highly recommend you watch these films. Yes, there is a connection to all of these films.

Dirty Pretty Things

It's in The UK, has the immigrant class doing interesting things for citizenship, and a few cons.


This could have been easily been a play. It is a breakdown of relationships and the breakdown of them. All while The Transporter (great actor, Jason Statham) and the other guy get their freeze on doing more coke than you really should (say no kids). Great turns in this film.


I just saw this film a few minutes ago and it changed the way I think. No exaggeration, this movie makes you question your own existence. Each character represents a part of a personality and it's all tied in with Chess and Cons. It is truly a beautiful movie for it's layers and turns. I highly recommend it.


1994 Exoticness... Young guy abandoned by his parents is a runner for the Heroin and Crack Dealers. He is beyond his years in maturity and at one point decides that the negativity is too much for him to allow it to continue. What he puts together is amazing given his age and position. Lots of great chess and views of the position people play in this game.


Goodness... SEE THIS MOVIE! Great script, movement, actors, original concept, cons, etc. etc.

Monday, May 31, 2010

What a Woman Wants...

She wants to feel appreciated and needed, a warm smile and for you to do things that make her smile, to conveniently not listen when she says she wants to be left alone and be there for her, a massage when she did not ask for it but needs it. She wants respect, honesty, to be able to talk openly, great sex, attention, exclusiveness, breakfast in bed, to disagree with her when she is being hard on herself, support, to be encouraged even though she may be end up better than you at something. She wants a best friend. She wants a Man. She wants to be treated as a Lady...

Don Carnage. The Best Bad Guy In Life...

This dude is just awesome! Definitely one of the best bad guys ever. He had a crazy pirate crew, all the airships, big cannons, a pistol, an accent, and fashion sense. It is a shame that he never truly won but hey, he was going against Baloo and Kitt Cloudkicker and they were some cool animals. Don't even let me get started on Sheer Kahn. Come to think of it, TaleSpin was the best cartoon series next to Duck Tales. So I would like to salute my fellow latino Don Carnage for being a great bad guy.

Boondocks New Episode...

This messed my original plan all up. I fully intended on getting up and going straight to the gym. Once I came across this in, made me stuck to my laptop. This satisfies my need for Kung-Fu and Cartoons in the morning. Really had me laughing out loud so enjoy!