Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Does Not Surprise Me

I have long known that the racism and prejudice towards hispanics is at an all time high. We are accepted whenever it is convinient for them. For making money, getting people voted in, and cheap labor to name a few. As a people, we are looked upon as a joke. To be used and discarded whenever the job has been done. Looking at this comic strip that came out here disgusts me. It confirms what I have written in the above lines. It is proof as to why you could do anything to the Hispanic in North America and get away with it. Do you think that they could have done that with the Asians, Africans, African Americans, or Muslims???? Of course not. They have pride in themselves and demand respect. I don't think violence is the answer but why do you think people think twice at depicting Mohammed in anything? They know that if you go to far, there will be someone ready to straighten you out.

We will not have that in our communities because we lack direction. We lack leaders that are worth anything. The ones who are able to or in a position to lead are content in the fame and the money that goes along with it and not the betterment of our people. There seems to be way too much division within hispanics. This country does not like that country. Even worse, people of the same country do not like the indeginious people because they feel they are beneath them. Regardless of what you think, we are all the same. We have a very beautiful, powerful, rich culture and we are slowly forgetting it for this countrie's modern day trappings. I am sorry but my soul is too valuable to sell out for a few possesions. There is a line from Drake that says it best, "transitioning from fitting in to standing out". This line hits home because we should respect their culture but we should not dilute our own.

What is surprising is the feedback that this comic strip got from so called latinos. Some did not find offense to it (which is fine), others found it funny (dude, they are laughing at us, not with us). Regardless of you dressing like them, acting like them, or even trying to be like them, YOU WILL NEVER BE THEM. You come from a distinct rich history. We have our own language, art, culture, food, mentality, WORK ETHIC. Be proud of this and add on but do not take away from it. Do not be ashamed of who you are, be ashamed that something like this can be printed and we are not doing a thing about it. Please learn to take yourself and what you represent seriously. We have seen what happens when we don't. Look no further than Arizona...


  1. Amen Brother you speak the truth

  2. Are you serious? This is rather upsetting. I think a letter to the editor is in place.

  3. Preach papa, that's real talk. If your not latino, than this doesn't seem upsetting. Until it's about your race. I was highly offended when I was sent this in a text.... Let this have been about someone else's culture and there would be repercussions. NOT TO MENTION there are other countries that are involved in the world cup games.... AFRICA, EUROPE, USA, ASIA... And to say that americans are being INCONVENIENCED because of latinos enjoying fifa.... was the icing on the cake. I'm an American, born in DC.... Now because I am also a Latina, I'm all of a sudden not considered an American too.... Americans come in all shades and from all backgrounds.... They call us the melting pot FOR A REASON. The person that wrote this comic is obviously of a very narrow minded way of thinking... There is NO COMEDY in this comic.