Monday, March 22, 2010

Death of Privacy

My ceiling's been set to low
with any movement I grow
Seems to be leaving a glow
neither fast or slow
being watched to know
by numerous eyes
intermingling lives
Judgemental single wives
and their cheating guys
Who what when where whys
see what you see
here comes the lies
are you not entertained?
Iris is stained
preoccupied in vain
focusing on what is me got em strained
reciting my life as if something is gained
more than a conversation piece
not the whole truth not even a piece
cause I date the chick to whom you masturbate
the one with the pretty eyes good chest great taste
less filling got me doubling up my plate
you call it being a player
I call it multitasking
so I can't understand the hate
and it's not all that great
but I did not loose all that weight
cause of the sickness
it's gained through the fitness
discipline that is applied to raising my childrens
and yes I hit their mother on the regular
give her the business
for more than a decade
when I was blowing high grade in the shade
rocking a razor blade fade
at 16 maintained my own house, ask me how I stayed paid?
and the answer will be played
sales on how you set sail
read between the lines
using methods of braille
cause the truth felt
strong blow without gails
what you know bout my high blood pressure
my life ain't all bout pleasure
Cant reap my rewards so hard work is what it get ya
they say I have no conscience
how can I not be conscience
of all I did was not nonsense
protecting what I hold dear makes all the sense
listen I'm deep
but sure ain't dense
but I ask for much pardon
for all I did with a hard on
I can't even listen to latin radio without feeling a certain way
I hope Ismael Rivera could please forgive me for my sex play
with his youngest daughter
I forgot to bother
the details of her and I was just a lay
Great convos had her move to V.A.
when I saw true colors I wanted her away
but it didn't work that way huh?
that was a calender ago
since then who haven't I got to know
intimately or otherwise it's not for show
I move to fast ya'll think to slow
and if karma is a CHICK
that would explain my 2 daughters