Saturday, June 26, 2010


Where does GOD exist?/
is he felt between lovers/
when they first exchange a kiss?/
or floating in those high notes/
escaping from that singer's lips/
does he warm us with that sunlight?/
after another cold night/
does he feel her hunger?/
while she walks around stomach tight/
cause her money isn't coming in right/
and she feels to weak to even fight/
He Might/
keep your loved one company/
as their soul leaves their body/
be there to blow air in his lungs/
of your newborn son/
a soul for a soul/
that's how the deal is done/
what if he walks with us in physical form?/
that homeless man without shelter to keep him warm/
with nothing to protect him from the upcoming storm/
is that the norm?/
walk right past and do the same act as you usally perform/
ignore the fact that/
he needs a meal/
his hunger is real
complaining out loud that your too fat/
that's why you threw half your dinner away/
fuck it, why give him money/
he's gonna spend it on liquor anyway/
that's why their so lazy/
if not, why were they not working today?/

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chill Spots... Shirlington

I dig this area a lot actually. You have many restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery spots in a big enough but small enough strip. Any type of food imagined is there along with movies, and bars, library, theatres and other entertainment in a very contemporary way. It even has a Bus Boys and Poets! Great for a casual weekday outing. I have been here many of times and it I have always gotten an interesting story of three from here. So if you want to do the usual thing in an unusual way, invest some time here. I must forewarn you though, it is a grown folks spot. I enjoy the fact that everything is walking distance and there is plenty parking. Being right of the highway and having a metro stop makes it very easy and convenient to visit either day or night.

My Song Right Now...

The hook and beat are brilliant. Jets...


I find this to be something that although we have seperate methods of communicating, we communicate in a less effective manner. It's almost like things get lost in translation. I think that the written word although powerful, can be completely misunderstood. This is not just in the written because when talking to someone a single word can be hung on to and it can create a misconception. Being that everyone is super sensetive, things can get quickly out of hand. Pride is a hell of a drug...

I consider myself to be an expert communicator. To give you a brief background, I get paid to talk. To the point that they have made me in charge of others and how they communicate. I excel in sales because of this and business is my strong point. So for the life of me I cannot understand why I experience as much difficulty as I do when I communicate with friends. Since this weekend I have basically had nothing but miscommunications and it is terrible that things are going all over the place. From the small and meaningless to pretty major. I was speaking to a very good friend about this very thing and I ended up making her very upset. She is extremely hurt by our 2 hour long phone conversation that I feel that she was hurt. I think it is not the message but the presentation that causes the confusion. Who knows though, maybe I am just rambling but I am really trying to get an idea of why it seems that there is a commnunication breakdown between me and many right now.