Saturday, June 26, 2010


Where does GOD exist?/
is he felt between lovers/
when they first exchange a kiss?/
or floating in those high notes/
escaping from that singer's lips/
does he warm us with that sunlight?/
after another cold night/
does he feel her hunger?/
while she walks around stomach tight/
cause her money isn't coming in right/
and she feels to weak to even fight/
He Might/
keep your loved one company/
as their soul leaves their body/
be there to blow air in his lungs/
of your newborn son/
a soul for a soul/
that's how the deal is done/
what if he walks with us in physical form?/
that homeless man without shelter to keep him warm/
with nothing to protect him from the upcoming storm/
is that the norm?/
walk right past and do the same act as you usally perform/
ignore the fact that/
he needs a meal/
his hunger is real
complaining out loud that your too fat/
that's why you threw half your dinner away/
fuck it, why give him money/
he's gonna spend it on liquor anyway/
that's why their so lazy/
if not, why were they not working today?/

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