Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I find this to be something that although we have seperate methods of communicating, we communicate in a less effective manner. It's almost like things get lost in translation. I think that the written word although powerful, can be completely misunderstood. This is not just in the written because when talking to someone a single word can be hung on to and it can create a misconception. Being that everyone is super sensetive, things can get quickly out of hand. Pride is a hell of a drug...

I consider myself to be an expert communicator. To give you a brief background, I get paid to talk. To the point that they have made me in charge of others and how they communicate. I excel in sales because of this and business is my strong point. So for the life of me I cannot understand why I experience as much difficulty as I do when I communicate with friends. Since this weekend I have basically had nothing but miscommunications and it is terrible that things are going all over the place. From the small and meaningless to pretty major. I was speaking to a very good friend about this very thing and I ended up making her very upset. She is extremely hurt by our 2 hour long phone conversation that I feel that she was hurt. I think it is not the message but the presentation that causes the confusion. Who knows though, maybe I am just rambling but I am really trying to get an idea of why it seems that there is a commnunication breakdown between me and many right now.

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