Sunday, October 24, 2010

Double Vision

truth lies
behind eyes
shut wide
turning inward to hide
it's written all over and plain to see
so much pain caused by an effort to break free
past of what's been done stain her memory
won't let her progress
flashbacks prevent deep rest
full of regret
hungry for completion's nourishment
and her comes I
and in me she confides
the cause for smiles and cries
her lows and highs
and with this we rise
above and beyond
remembrance of right and wrong
getting lost in oblivion
her and I make one
lying still after done
and enjoying ecstasy
through sharing intimacy
somewhere in between momentary and infinity
exist her and I making a we
where time is not permitted to enter
a place where the past can find no shelter
that can only be called perfection's center
relief after release
she's finally at peace
within my arms reach
swirl her curls with each hand twirl and incense swirls
in complete silence warmed by our body's heat
entranced by the rhythm of her heart beat
falling into deep sleep