Monday, June 14, 2010

Tips On How to Interview Successfully

Tomorrow I have an important interview for what could be a lucrative position with a Fortune 500 Company (If I choose to accept this position, it means lots of $$$ and I can actually help clients for the better). Since I have been working since 14, I have picked up a few things about properly interviewing for the position.It also helps that in all my management positions, I have interviewed extensively for my team as well as others. I have compiled a list of a few tips that will help you obtain the career you are pursuing.

*Preparation is Key - Learn about what position you are applying for before hand. Googling the position and the company and discussing how the company differs from others shows you have done your homework. Also, use the way the company sets themselves apart from the competition (company missions, motto's, direction) as a way on how you do business and how you share the same ideals in business.

*Know Approximately How Much It Pays - This also goes along with the doing the homework part of the list. You should more or less know what kind of compensation you should be getting so you can have a realistic expectation. You would not want to waste their time nor have your time wasted. To gain that information, use sites such as They are accurate and also include employees feedback

*Dress for Success - For men, suit and tie. For woman, business formal. Nothing too revealing or form fitting, just right. For both men and women, wear dark and conservative colors to the meeting. Make sure shoes are polished and that everything is lint and wrinkle free. This step is also important to insure if you own pets. Take it easy on the colognes/perfumes and make up for the ladies. All things in moderation should be the motto. An inside tip is to wear glasses if you own any. This little accessory goes a long way.


*Humor - This is only for those that actually have a personality. If you interject a bit of yourself and add some humor, it cuts the tension. It puts them in the " I like this person and I can see myself working as a team with them". Very valuable component.

*You Are Interviewing Them Just As They Are Interviewing You - Ask them questions just as they are asking you. Ask about benefits, paid time off, information on ADVANCEMENT "Career Pathing" (employers love to hire people who want to make a career and advance in their profession. Clear sign of a producer.) Also ask about job expectations, training, continuous training (there is a difference, it helps you do your job better), tuition reimbursement, and team questions as well.

*Have Responses Ready - Why are you leaving your current job? Why did you leave that job? What did you like most or least about this place and that. Have your responses ready and keep them positive. Room for growth and changing to an industry is always a good response. Also if you were referred to that job because of one of your clients was impressed by your talent is a slam dunk.

*Structured Interviews - More companies are going to what is referred to the S.T.A.R. Method of Interviewing. Situation Task Action Result. They want you tell them about a time that this and that happened what did you do about it and what was the result. It always goes to tell me a time you were successful at something, something did not go according to plan, team building, or you did not see eye to eye with a co-worker. This is how employers weed through the imaginary I would do this on a certain situation to this is what I did and this is what came out of it. Basically they want specifics and not philosophies so please practice this. It will be your key

*Bring Goodies!!!!:)- A proof book of sorts containing recorded accomplishments, trainings, certificates, and past work is best. This proves in writing that you have done what you have done.

*Once the Interview is Done, Act As If... - you had a great interview and they will offer you the job. Ask, "If everything goes well, what is the next step?". This is a powerful and seldom closing technique. It puts them on the spot to where they offer to send a background check if they have not done so and it allows both you and them to set up a follow up interview.

*Revise Your Offer Letter - Since more than likely you are getting the job because you have followed all these tips, please revise the offer letter to confirm start dates and negotiate anything that needs to be negotiated.

*BE HONEST!!!!!!! - By far the most important. When you are preparing yourself, presenting yourself, and selling yourself, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! You need to be completely honest and transparent. Just present it in the right fashion

God Bless and Much Success!

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