Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's All About the Angles... How To Watch New Movies for FREE

Sounds like I have been taken over by spam or hustle right? WRONG *Charlie Murphy Voice* . The funny thing is that nowadays when a movie is in theatres they have the DVD already pressed up. So all it takes is one to make it's way to the internet and what you have after that is a free way to watch 1st run movies. What happens after that is that there are websites that serve as host to these movies. What's great is that it's streaming and you do not have to download anything to watch the movie. There are only two websites that I use and trust.

Movie2k -

* The trick to this site is to use only Stream2k and Megaupload. Also, only choose them when they have the :) face next to them. It states the quality. :) is DVD Quality, outside of that is a camera in the theatre mode.

QuickSilverScreen -

* This is strictly Megaupload. It has better picture quality. The only drawback is that after 72 Minutes it stops saying wait for 35 minutes or upgrade to their paid service. The way around that is reset your internet router (turn off then on the internet source). Then refresh the screen and fast forward to where you last left off.

Since this is strictly streaming to your computer (think Netflix Streaming), you should invest in a connection wire from your computer to your TV. That way your computer serves as a DVD Player.

I hope that this helps when you are bored or want to watch a movie. I still go to the movies but this greatly reduces me wasting my time and money on a terrible movie.

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