Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's All About the Angles... She's Coming Over Your House!

This is strictly for my fellas about to have that special girl over their house***. Now, what do you do??? Since I want your experience to be a pleasant one, here are a few tips as to what to do.

* Cleanliness - Make sure all bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens are cleaned. Top to bottom.

* Music - Have a good mix of music going. It sets the mood. I usually create a couple of channels in my Pandora that creates a good mix. (Hector LaVoe, Flying Lotus, Erykah Badu, ...) then hook it up to the system.

* Cook - Make her a good meal. Now is not the time to do something overly complicated or anything you haven't made many times before. She will really appreciate that. I usually am 90% done before she shows up so she could see that you are the one cooking. Another tip is that don't make anything with too many sauces (pasta). It might end up in her nice white shirt.

* Drinks - Have her favorite drink ready and chilled. Have two options, non alcoholic and alcoholic. Also, have some filtered or bottled water on deck just in case. It will start as non alcoholic because she wants to be in control. If she asks for the alcoholic type (if she drinks), she is getting comfortable with you. I recommend keeping a nice Moscato Wine. It is sweet and has her feeling good. If it is an Asian dinner, serve her a Plum Wine or Sake...

* Desert - Have something bought or made. She might not have eaten all the food but she WILL eat all the dessert. They ALL have a sweet tooth. Again, this goes back to how well you listened. So whether it be cheesecake, chocolates, or ice cream, make sure you have that ready.

After all of the eating and talking, move the party over to the living room, the living room, the living room. I repeated this 3 times because I DO NOT want you to think it's ok to go to the bedroom. Have her sipping on her favorite drink and light up some incense (real men DO NOT HAVE SCENTED CANDLES). I use Nag Champa and different variations. Don't light these bad boys up before or during dinner, it messes up the taste of the food. Crack jokes and enjoy each other's company. Talk about everything under the sun. Sit back and let yourself get caught in the moment. If she starts getting closer to you or complains that she has stiffness in her shoulder or back, time to show off your massage techniques. NOW you can go to the bedroom.

* Condoms - Have em, use em. I don't care how much you like her, DO NOT GO IN RAW. I keep 2 condoms on my pocket at all times. Do not have it in plain view. It's tacky.

* Have a Towel Handy - If you gave her the explosive orgasms as I hope you should have, she will not be able to walk or move for the next few. This way she could wipe off any perspiration or love.

* Have Bottled Water - Within arms reach. She has been through a lot and is probably thirsty. Poor thing...

Hug her afterwards and let her hear you breathe, they REALLY like that. Relax yourself because in the next 15 minutes you need to be aware if she wants to stay the night ( she falls right asleep in 2 minutes) or needs to go. She will say something like " I have to go even though I don't want to because...". Don't argue but help her get things together and get dressed. As you are walking (she is trying to walk) out give her some of the food and dessert "to go" so she could replay the whole night again when she eats it. Walk her to the car and ask her to let you know when she gets home

I hope this helps you take care of that special someone.

*** WARNING *****!!!!! This is of course for someone special. Not someone you do not trust or have just met. This is after a few times out together and after backgound checks and her refrences check out. DO NOT JUST INVITE ANYONE TO YOUR HOME. Do your research and be safe.

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