Thursday, October 14, 2010


Going higher then I though ill ever become
Got me remembering story of Icarus getting too close to the sun
Burning my wings, me and the waves become one
But not all the way done
Just going with the flow
Neither fast or slow
If I go too deep I will miss the orb's glow
Do you know what I know?
The highs and low
Happen to be the same so
Don't hold your breath
To reach the bottom go
Above and beyond
Familiarity, family,
Actuality, reality
Insanity, clarity,
Her, we, she, and me,
Only thing left = energy
Its us and only us
Cloudkicks sponsored by Canibus
If you don't choke on the smoke
Meditate to feel the rush
The same when you cum
So hard can't help but to cuss
Its that feeling with no thought
Pure emotion traveling higher than Icarus

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