Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Read Between the Lines... Vol.1

WEED IS BECOMING LEGAL!!!!! Now that I have your attention, yes, Marijuana will become legal within a short time frame. You might be asking yourself why I believe this info to be true. I look at what has happened within the last week. There were two "drug busts" that caught my full attention. One occurred in NY and the other in Mexico. For sake of attention spans, I have decided to include the links for more detailed information below.


^They busted an NY "Drug Ring" for having a million in cash and 177lbs of the sweet cheeba. Most notable is that they claim the were proving most of NY for the sticky icky icky


^ They seized tons of the finest of greenery here. They are killing two birds with one stone considering Mexico has been making much bank from drug trades in the U.S.

What does this REALLY mean? THEY ARE CUTTING OUT THE COMPETITION! When they could have made busts like this over heroin or cocaine (some of the most deadliest drugs), they chose to bust weed. ON WEEEEEEDD!!!! They have been sitting on these cases for quite some time before busting them (watch the wire if you are unfamiliar). Weed is not addictive and for the hundreds of years that it's been in use NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM SMOKING WEED! There is no such thing as a weed overdose that takes your life. Look at how many people die from alcohol, tobacco, or even overdosing from over the counter meds. Now let's be clear as to why this is happening. $! Yup, the almighty $.

Look at California. It went from weed being illegal to Amsterdam in a few short years. They legalized it for "medicinal purposes" and everyone suddenly developed a symptom that marijuana "medicine"could help. The state could care less. They are making TONS of money from taxing it and no one is getting hurt. The beauty of it is that EVERYONE is eating from this. The growers to the people who are running the shops are banking and the right way. Good old supply and demand. They even went as far as to make marijuana in certain amounts an offense equivalent to a traffic ticket. All they are worried about is money so, you could always trust a whore to think like a whore. They just their money for f%cking you.

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