Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Did I Ever Tell You About... The Time The Mother Of My Kids Almost Got Me Killed?

I never have been too open about my personal life but under much encouragement by those that know me, I have decided to share some of my experiences. If you know me, we have experienced many interesting adventures. I always joke that something interesting ALWAYS happens when I go out. I wouldn't have it any other way. So I introduce to you the pieces of my life...

Here's the breakdown -

I meet a young lady during a certain crossroads in my life. It was 1999 and I had just come back from P.R. and I wanted to change my life. Let's just say I was living the wrong way. I was high all day everyday and having sex with all types of women. I decided nothing good can come out of bad when my friend Tyrone lost a baby with Naomi. The baby was born premature and literally died in the arms of the parents. I felt terrible that everyone was loosing it and I was the only dry eye in the room. I felt for their loss and felt responsible for what happened (they met through me and all they consumed her in my house being I had my own place since 16). So I felt my lifestyle and encouragement of it, had caused what happened.

So I come back to the are after a few months in P.R. and come across a lady I messed with in High School for a brief period. Her and I ended on terrible terms and was shocked to see her looking so good (the years have been kind to her). So we got to know each other and ended up being inseparable. I really enjoyed her company and we ended up having two great daughters.

Now fast forward to after the kids are born and you will see that we did not bring out the best in each other. I care for her but in love I simply was not. Being she is a smart and strong willed Dominican, her and I did not mix. So after many years of difficulty, I left on October of 2006. This was at the worst time possible. I left with only my clothes and my car that I would later total a few weeks later. The Mortgage Industry that I was involved in collapsed so I was not making the money like I was and had to work longer to get less. Now here is when it gets funny.

She is being told by multiple sources that I am in Avenue, H2O, Bravo Bravo, all types of events just acting a fool. Slapping all types of ass and just showing off. Apparently did this not sit well with her. She was getting jealous beyond belief. Little does she know that I was NOT in those places at all. I was working on average 14 hour workdays and after the accident, was trying to line everything up. People, I left EVERYTHING behind. She kept the house, the kids, and everything else we acquired over 7 years. I was trying to rebuild from next to nothing and she was acting up from me supposedly living my single life. It didn't help that I was seeing this young lady that actually came by with me when I saw the kids, let's just call her D. So me and D go to see my kids and she looses it. Just when it couldn't get worse for her jealousy, I get to know some people at El Zol. I went up there for business and met some great people there. I even dated someone up there for a bit (lovely lady by the way. ). One day I go to drop off the flan I made for a DJ friend's bday and she shouted me out while in the studio. This was the straw that broke the camel's back

Now my lovely Dominican has connects in certain "circles". Her good friends are good with people who make it happen and can handle things on their own. So with all this Ale is partying 24/7 supposedly rumors, make her upset. She is telling everyone that she has to handle the kids and the big house without my help and while she was struggling. Now what happens is when women start playing the victim. They tell the wolves how they are going through a tough time and how they are all alone and can't take it and paint the other to be an absolute monster. So one thing leads to another and let's say 2 wolves get involved. Let's call em A and L. Now these dudes make it happen and the happen to come across me on a chance meeting. We hit it off and get to be real cool because of a mutual friend. This was on a Wednesday. Now on Friday when they find out who I am, they tell me that they were going to air me out on Saturday after I got out of a bday party that was happening in Avenue. The reason they let me know was cause they saw I was always working and was indeed not partying and not handling my business as they were told. Everything was cool afterwards and we still joke about it to this day.

--- This happens all the time and some are not as fortunate as others. Please be careful because many have been hurt or worse over he say she say. Also as a side note, she never intended to have me killed but she definitely inspired the wrong people. Be careful what you say cause you never know.

**** Also, I am very tight with all her family, brother and sister, cousins and others. They are as much a part of my family and I am of theirs. Although we have our ups and downs, she is still a person I look out for and care about. NOW DON'T EVER ASK ME WHY WE ARE NOT TOGETHER CAUSE THIS SHOULD BE A GOOD ENOUGH EXPLANATION.

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