Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's All About the Angles... How To Make Her Like You More.

This is a guaranteed way for her to like you more. Of course, this is only for wife or wifey. Not the side chick or that every once in the while gal. I do this for those that are in need of ideas. Remember, I do this cause I care. The path success is to listen to her, don't ignore her while she is talking like you are used to. Of course the key is to be GENUINE.

*Have Flowers or Candy Delivered to the Job - Nothing says you are special than this. It allows your special lady to show off at work to all the married ones that get neglected by their husbands and/or the single girls that always talk about their new dudes from out of town that mysteriously no one ever sees.

* Pick Her Up From Work Without Telling Her - Nothing shows you care more than just surprising her at work taking her out without her prior knowledge. Take her to her favorite restaurant and go for a walk afterwards. It sounds simple yet it goes a long way. This keeps things exciting. Listen the minute you become predictable, you become boring. Once that happens, SHE WILL CHEAT! Probably cheat on you with me but that's another blog altogether.

*Treat Her and Her Friends to a Mani Pedi - This is apparently hot in the streets right now. Under no I mean NO circumstances should you go with her. No man that pees standing up should ever go to any establishment with the word Salon in it. So with that said, just pay for her and her friends to chill out for a bit and let her hype you up to her friends. Chances are that her friends have already found you attractive and who knows, maybe you have yourself another side chick or a once in a while cause of it.

*Quick Trip - Take her to NY or a close spot like Baltimore. Something with entertainment and a nice hotel close by. A little unannounced road trip will add to the spontaneity and keep things fun. It doesn't have to cost much but it makes her feel special. Girls like playing dress up so bring some outfits like a nurse's a maid joint. It's like you are cheating on her with her! Throw a wig in there and chase that hottie around the hotel room. She will love you for it...

* Drop Off Her Favorite Dish At Work- Bring her favorite lunch from either a restaurant or if you really want to get some cool points, from something you made yourself.

* Buy her a Teddy Bear - Corny? Not for her. Have that lil guy sitting on her bed on the pillows and watch her reaction.

* Clean Her Car - Let her take your car (yeah, I know but, just do it) and clean her car inside and out. Tell her something to the effect of, I can't have my baby driving around in a dirty car.

* Gym Membership - This is, how do you say, a win win. You have that girl in the gym 3 times a week at least and her body will stay tight. You both benefit from this movement.

Now for this to work you REALLY have to have paid attention to her likes and wants. If you didn't cause you were too busy zoning out to her body, it's ok. It happens. Just hack in to her Facebook or Twitter or simply ask a friend of hers.

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