Friday, November 19, 2010

Pilot Talk 2>>>>>_______

It's official. Curren$y finally put out an LP that matches his signs of brilliance that he displayed through his mixtape songs. The guy is a talent, no question. Spitta has been known to hop on other's tracks (like 50 did) and make it his own. He got himself some great music this time around to go along with his raps about Jet life, bad b%tches, and bong snaps. Production is on point and this is the ONLY album that I have been able to listen to from start to finish without any skipping of tracks. Simply put, a solid front to back product. I am glad that music is getting good again...

I included the downloadable link. Go out and buy it if you like it. Support Great Music!!!!!!!!! Nov 22nd release date

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