Monday, May 30, 2011


As he stands were he stood solo
However many odd years ago
Understood as someone
We all very well know
Not by his actions
But from the way his words flow
Talking he can't stop
Confused by why he can't go
And with nothing to show
He enters himself and wonders, why?
I want it so bad and no one ever gives me a try
For this I will cheat, steal and lie,
Next to me younger self
And my ability to fly
All resting in the same place
Along with the space
Reserved for his trophy case
Of awards soon to be
Once raised in victory
Received from _____ academy
And recognition
On his rendition
Of Inner vision
Without permission
Replay of other's transmission
For he, was not much use to create
Only to bit and piece duplicate
Greatest form of flattery IS to imitate...
Where in there he seals his fate
The reality of this tragic tale
Is walking along this boulevard of broken dreams and inner fail
Opposite of Mark Twain's verse to set sail,
Where the anchor is set deep in waters stale
Ahab chasing the whale
From his spyglass
Bringing it closer to see without moving mass
Just by a look confused it and mistook
As Success at last
But alas
Lengthy collections no question did he amass
Truth of a consumer wrapped in fantastic reality
Created by imagination of others fantasy
Worked into actuality
Through hard work and perseverance
Eyes too blurry lacking clearance
For in his reflection saw their appearance
Along with his identity's disappearance...

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