Monday, June 7, 2010

My Favorite Song, "The World Is Yours!"

The year was 1994... It was right before summer and this is a song I listened to countless times on a daily basis. This song to me is perfect. I still listen to it to this day and it reminds me of this important time in my life. Although Blackmoon, Wu-Tang, and Jeru got endless repeats, Nas' Illmatic was my favorite album.

The reason that this time sticks out so much is because so much happened during this period. It was May going into June when I was packing up to move to Puerto Rico for a while and the day before I am to leave, I get a phone call telling me that one of my best friends Romulo Ayala was murdered. Weird thing was I felt no way about it. I felt empty. I was surprised that I was not sad at all. I didn't even get a chance to go his funeral. This was the day. The turning point. The time which at that point forward I was to change. I literally left my life I had in Alexandria, VA. and at 14 years young started to grow to the man I would become.

Moving to Puerto Rico was an experience. I was born there and raised for the first 7 years of my life in Viejo San Juan with my mother before going to NY and eventually settling down in Alexandria. Even though I went down every year for summer vacation it was much different living there. When I would go for vacations I stayed with my grandparents in Santa Rosa, Bayamon. Although I was from the DMV, everyone out there thought I was a Nuyorican. It was my dress, slang, attitude, and music that made it appear so. Also what was different was that prior to me moving down there I would probably only eating once sometimes twice a day due to lack of supervision and money. I think that is why I went crazy and and ate everything in sight while I lived there. I had Sushi for the first time which I quickly became addicted to, ate Churasco, todo typos de pollo, arroz con habichuelas, comida criolla, the works.

It was definitely the best time of my life. I lived in a hotel called El Conquistador In Las Croabas close to Fajardo. It was an amazing resort that was almost like a city. EVERYDAY I would workout, play basketball, swim in the pools and ocean, mess with all the women my age and older and eat 3 TIMES A DAY!!!!! Back in Alexandria I did none of these things consistently. Although I was sexually active for two years prior, I learned a lot living in P.R. I picked up so much being around native Puerto Rican Women that worked in the hotel and lived around the area.It made me a great lover. I would also get to know the guests that came for their vacations both local and international. I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!!!

Now this went on for 2 years before coming back to the DC Area. I came back for the first day of High School at T.C. Williams. I still remember me going to the bus stop in the Hamlets and showing up with some Nike Air Raids, Black Shorts, White Team USA Olympic shirt and my Nike headband. I felt like I was made out of gold!!!! This was the first time that in this area, I was very attractive. The extra weight, tan , and the I don't care attitude where a complete change to what I was once known for. I walked around the whole school by myself and I was stopped by everyone!!!! They were all grabbing me telling me they thought I died because I disappeared right when Romulo dies. Funny thing is that me and Romulo looked EXACTLY ALIKE!!!! So you can imagine the rumors. It was the best feeling being noticed and being approached the way I was. I never wanted that feeling to end.I even ran into this girl I had a crush on by the name of Cassandra. I had the biggest crush on her and she noticed me and started talking my head off, I was on cloud 9. I left before second period because I didn't even have any classes being I was not enrolled at the time.

I went back to Puerto Rico to go to school at Fajardo Academy. I met people that I consider my family and made lasting connections. I gained a lot of knowledge of the world and academics. It was also at this time that I made connections with people dealing with negativity and profitability. That story unfortunately is for another time.

Below I have included some pictures of this time period.

Me in the gym at 14. We were on jerseys early on.

View from the hotel El Conquistador

My brother Jonathan and I heavy in Altura Projects

Me and Samson. Even our pits rock gold links. Check his neck.

My brother Jonathan and his brother Cesar (Caveman) in the hotel.

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