Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Connection

This is something most people want and sometimes rarely get. Others have had it, lost it, and are trying to regain it. The way that I can personally describe it as complete comfort and energy with someone. A chemistry. Understanding of what that person is saying and thinking. Almost like reading their thoughts. Once you connect, it throws common sense and rational thoughts right out the window. It makes you forget of any barriers that you have placed because of prior experiences. It's an immediate trust. The funny thing about the right connection is that you feel this almost immediately with someone you don't know. People have often referred to this phenomenon as knowing each other in a past life or you meeting this person was meant to be. A soul mate.

I choose to be single because I have not felt that with someone up to this point. I am lying, I have felt that with someone but the issue is that there is no way in the world that we can be together. I don't even know what she feels towards me. She is someone that I cannot help but wonder how they are and want nothing but the best for, even though I know it will not be with me. I have met many great women with a lot to offer. They were attractive, intelligent, and had great personalities. I just never had that connection that I felt with this special someone. When I feel that rush that I did with someone, I will know that I am to be with her.

I do make connections all the time. Some physical and some more along the lines of friendship. I know that without a certain type of chemistry, it makes things less exciting and outright boring. It almost becomes like a feeling that once you have experienced it, you go searching for it. It is that addicting.


  1. Perfectly described!

  2. Agree with Rocio...Perfectly Described!!!