Friday, June 4, 2010

Great Flicks...

I highly recommend you watch these films. Yes, there is a connection to all of these films.

Dirty Pretty Things

It's in The UK, has the immigrant class doing interesting things for citizenship, and a few cons.


This could have been easily been a play. It is a breakdown of relationships and the breakdown of them. All while The Transporter (great actor, Jason Statham) and the other guy get their freeze on doing more coke than you really should (say no kids). Great turns in this film.


I just saw this film a few minutes ago and it changed the way I think. No exaggeration, this movie makes you question your own existence. Each character represents a part of a personality and it's all tied in with Chess and Cons. It is truly a beautiful movie for it's layers and turns. I highly recommend it.


1994 Exoticness... Young guy abandoned by his parents is a runner for the Heroin and Crack Dealers. He is beyond his years in maturity and at one point decides that the negativity is too much for him to allow it to continue. What he puts together is amazing given his age and position. Lots of great chess and views of the position people play in this game.


Goodness... SEE THIS MOVIE! Great script, movement, actors, original concept, cons, etc. etc.

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