Monday, March 29, 2010

D.C. is for Haters

I say this with no ill will but merely to express what I see and understand. This city and it's surrounding area is very interesting. I feel it is a big melting pot full of different cultures and ways of life. Something like New York except cleaner and with a lot more space. So I cannot for the life of me understand why people are so miserable here. If you are reading this, could you please let me know? I can say that this is a very rich area with a lot of opportunities. It is a place where any dummy can make six figures without a college diploma. The schools are some of the best in the country and the health care is top notch. All I can think of is the fact that people are just straight up bored!!

Don't believe me? I believe many people out here do what they do out of pure boredom. If there is no outlet, the energy will go to something. That something happens to be drinking, consuming drugs, clubbing, eating, fu@king, and hating, the favorite pastime. Of course all things in moderation but when the likelihood of you catching AIDS is higher here then in West Africa, something is not right. It is the abuse of these things that I believe make this such a great place for hate. When the masses are just bored and miserable they hate on whatever is not like them.

Don't believe me??? Next time you go out anywhere watch how the people act. Look at how whenever there is someone attractive enters the room the ugly (sadly the majority) look the person up and down and they start going on the person. So you mean to tell me that the stunt doubles for Precious have the nerve to start downing a chick that looks like Rosa Acosta? You know who I blame? The dudes that actually give these Jaba the Huts the fake notion that they are even close to resembling something sexy. I say as a spokesperson for dudes with half a brain, we boycott these sloppy dimwitted chicks. We would be doing a great thing for the community. Next to recycling, this is a very necessary thing to do. Of course if there was a sense of self worth, there wouldn't be half of the stuff going on.

Overall I have never seen this amount of misery amongst people ever in life. Neighbors don't know each other and it seems everyone is scared of everyone else. Sure people tend to talk tough but the minute you walk up to them after they blah blah and you grip up, what happens? Nothing. Just a lot of flapping. The backstabbing is also rampant. This is probably why there are no friends here. Just people that serve a purpose and out of necessity they align with whomever. Once that necessity has been served, they will not be around. In talking to a good friend who was going through a tough time I came to the conclusion that they would buy you $100 worth of drinks at the bar before they buy you $50 of groceries when you are hurting.

Even within my Hispanic Community in which we are becoming the majority, we won't ever be anything of worth if we continue to discriminate on each other. Bolivians don't like them, Peruvians don't like those and everyone hates the Salvadoreans. It's to the point that they even hate on their own people so go figure...

All I say is I make the best I can of this area because there is some good here but that is for another post. Peace.

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