Friday, February 5, 2010


The only thing that comes to a dreamer is sleep
so why do I play the role of a wolf chasing sheep?
hoping to catch a few to earn rest that's deep
hard to get even harder to keep
deprived of 40 winks got me tossing and turning
meanwhile wheels are turning
locomotion towards a question not asked
reaching for higher learning
next day my eyes are burning
proper sleep has my body yearning
too much on my mind
regretting that I am not doing enough with short time
could be the reason I'm lyin
in search of melancholy and the infinite sadness
escaping all of this madness
wishing it was another's life
cause mine you can have this
Dyslexic so I can't learn to relax
backwards perhaps
it's the fact that
I may not wake from my nap
stop beating cease my breathing
soul slowly leaving
a shell behind
so much incomplete
all lost in my mind
body lacking heat
not quite where the truth meets
it's the longing to be complete
alone when I attempt my slumber
require the presence of another
to satisfy my inner hunger
of creating that perfect number
alas I gaze in to the darkness
in response a cold stare from the blackness
cocooning with more blankets
not able to feel any warmer...

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